3 Reasons Men are Afraid of Dancing

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There you are at your favorite Country bar waiting to be asked to dance… again. You look great, you’re near the dance floor making eye contact with any guy that is paying attention, and you’re still sitting out instead of Two Stepping the night away! What’s up with that!? Chances are, it’s not you, it’s him.

Even though the stigma of guys knowing how to/liking to dance are long gone (for the most part), there is a lot of fear for men surrounding dance. From being intimidated to thinking they will “look stupid” (I hear this one a lot!), tons of guys are scared to take that step onto the dance floor. Let’s explore why…

Back in the day, it was “uncool” with the guys if you went out there for a Country Two Step or Swing dance. Depending on where you live an how well accepted it is to social dance in your area, some men just can’t get over the idea that dancing really is great to know how to do well-especially for a guy. I mean, if you’re looking to impress your friends, learn to social dance. The ladies will be lining up to dance with you and your buddies will surely be jealous. Not only will you know all the exciting moves to sweep her off her feet, but your friends will want to know them too! A man than can dance is extra-attractive, and every guy should know that so he can come out from the shadows and have some fun!
After getting over that initial fear of dancing not being acceptable to his buddies, a man faces the next mental hurdle which is “Latin dancing (for example) is too complicated. There’s no way I could ever do that!”. They figure that Salsa dancing or Country Western dancing is so far out of their element that they will never look good doing it, so why start. As much as they want to learn, they get cold feet when it comes to signing up for adult dance lessons. What a shame! With specific instruction, especially in Private Dance Lessons, any man (or woman) can learn to dance. Guys, don’t let fear stand in your way of learning an incredible new skill. It is so worth it to know how to dance!
At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ where I instruct, we make it a priority to demystify dancing for guys. We break each element down to their simplest form to ensure that every one of our students can walk away with this exciting new hobby. Our approach to instructing is logical, straightforward and easy to understand, making it super-easy to learn and quite the fun process too!
Couples and singles, come explore the joys of social dance lessons with us! Build your confidence, discover a relaxing and fantastic new hobby and connect with others by learning to social dance. Come receive great information from one of our amazing instructors-you won’t be disappointed!