Get Comfortable Country Dancing in Phoenix

Country dancing here in the Phoenix East Valley is a blast! You can enjoy dancing the Country Two Step, Country Swing,  Nite Club Two Step and Country Waltz in bars and clubs across the Valley. Dance FX Studios is situated perfectly in Mesa amongst several cities in the area, including Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler. Whether you’re a regular at Toby Keith’s, want to get ready for Country Thunder here in Arizona, or want to be ready to dance the night away at a wedding coming up, we are the place for you! Dance FX Studios has been teaching adults of all ages to Country dance for over twelve years. While learning the steps to each dance, dance form, and how to lead and follow are all crucial, it is also important to know things like dancing attire and some social dancing guidelines to take with you when you dance outside the studio. If you wear clothes that are uncomfortable or not appropriate for boot-scootin’ the night away, it could affect your whole night. Let’s discuss what to wear when you go out Country dancing, to avoid such mishaps:


No matter what the season is, you are probably going to get warm when you go out dancing, especially here in Arizona. Wearing several layers or thick clothing is probably going to turn up the heat even more, so it’s best to stick to clothing that is breathable and cool.

You are going to be doing a lot of spinning, dipping and turning all over the dance floor, whether you are Two Stepping, Swing dancing, so finding something to wear that will not need to be constantly readjusted will be to your benefit.

Though it’s best to leave dips and lifts to the pros, if you’re going to wear a skirt or dress, it is a good idea to wear spandex underneath to avoid any unintentional peeks. Shorts or jeans in the winter will save you from embarrassment or worry if you prefer.

When it comes to Country dancing, less is more, so keep your jewelry simple and minimal. Long, dangly necklaces or earrings have a tendency to become a hazard to you or your partner during spins or turns. Large rings also end up scratching or getting caught on clothing, and bracelets become a nuisance when a leader is trying to do various moves with you.

Wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must, and they must also be slip resistant. Our instructors recommend wearing leather soled boots. They are comfortable, and the leather soles make for easy turns. Mary Jane’s can also be an alternative because the strap will ensure that they won’t slip off and they can usually be worn longer because they are typically not a very high heel. If you want to keep your toes intact and avoid broken shoes, leave your flip flops at home! Of course, when going out Country dancing, a great pair of Cowboy boots is always a great investment.


We as women understand that men like to be comfortable and casual, especially if they are Country dancing. A clean tee shirt or a short sleeved button up shirt looks nice with a pair of jeans or slacks. Short sleeves will keep the temperature down, and if you’re worried about perspiration, you can wear an undershirt (and don’t forget deodorant!).

As far as shoes go, leather bottom boots are usually the best bet, but a pair of tennis shoes also works. Boots are best, just as we recommended for the ladies, but if you don’t own a pair, that’s OK too. Again, avoid wearing flip flops so your toes go unharmed and your shoes don’t hinder your foot movements.

If you end up wearing a hat, be sure to make adjustments in your dancing so that it doesn’t get knocked off!

All in all, with a little consideration, you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning on the dance floor or preventing you from having fun. Comfort is key, and with these helpful hints, your night out Country dancing will be a success!

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