Country dancing here in the Phoenix East Valley is a blast! Join us now and leran to dance.


Holiday Savings Event 2016

adult dance lessons arizonaThe 2016 holiday season is well under way. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday done, it’s time to relax and plan for those special, unique gifts that you haven’t had time to sit down and think about yet. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Wouldn’t it be great to give an “experience” to those close to you this year, rather than another “thing”, like a necktie or purse? Would’t she appreciate spending quality time with you over another bottle of perfume? And don’t you think he’d love to have a cool and exciting hobby to share with you on the weekends in the new year, instead of watching movies on the couch on a Saturday night? If you say “YES!” to a creative gift this year, I’ve got just the thing for you…Ballroom Dance Lessons!

Before I go further into the awesome savings you can receive this season on dance lessons for adults, let me explain what I mean by “Ballroom” Dance Lessons. By Ballroom Lessons, I mean learning any partner dance, from Salsa to Swing, and Two Step to Tango.  It doesn’t have to be formal, just a dance that you learn to do with someone else. Ballroom dancing is more of an overall term to describe partner dancing in general.

If you don’t have someone yet to take lessons with, that’s perfectly OK! In fact, one can learn much faster by having all the attention on them. Then, once your confidence rises, you can take your moves out dancing and show off your skills to your friends. Won’t they be surprised! Keep in mind that social ballroom dancing is a great way to meet new people, even a dance partner. A self-assured person on the dance floor is a major magnet to others, believe me!

Social ballroom dance lessons are THE gift that keeps on giving. Think about it. Every time there’s an event where music is being played, he/she will know how to dance! From those upcoming weddings to kicking up your heels on the weekends at a Country bar, all bases will be covered once he/she knows how to dance. How cool is that!?

Now you can probably find great deals at your local ballroom dance studio, but if you live in Phoenix, Arizona like I do, check out the Holiday Savings Event that we have going on at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, just off the 101 freeway.

We have two Private Lesson options for the holidays that are great for couples or singles. Private Dance Lessons are a wonderful investment in that your recipient will learn to dance much quicker with one-on-one instruction. In Private Lessons, we tailor each hour to help our students reach their dancing goals. We also customize the dances that they learn based on where they see themselves using their dancing, i.e. a Salsa dance club versus a Country bar. And, we personalize each lesson in a way that you learn best. So cool!

It’s all about the individual with Private Lessons, and we want to help them to be a confident social “ballroom” dancer so they can have a blast every time they go out dancing! No more sitting on the sidelines when he/she can be out there having fun, and knowing what they’re doing.

Our two Online Offers for Private Lessons include the following: a One-Hour Introductory Dance Lesson for $25 total (per couple or single), and our Holiday Starter Package. The Starter Package includes a One-Hour Introductory Lesson plus five One-Hour Beginner’s Dance Lessons to learn the key turns and moves in up to 4 dances. Our Starter Package is $320, and includes a FREE $25 Gift Card for lessons or retail items at Dance FX Studios.

Another gift-giving option is our Club FX Membership. With this membership, a person will receive six months of Group Dance Classes (one class per week/per person) for $99 total! This is a steal, bringing each class down to $4 per class if you attend every one. As you will see, our Group Class Schedule includes a mix of three styles of dance: Country, Latin and Swing. What a great way to get a taste of popular social dances, from Merengue and Bachata, to West Coast Swing and Country Two Step!

Finally, if you know someone who is getting married in 2017, Wedding Dance Lessons are an amazing present! Thanks to you, the bride and groom will shine on the dance floor on their wedding day with a customized wedding dance. Our Wedding Dance Consultation is just $20 and includes a mini dance lesson! It’s a great way to connect with one of our professionals so that we can give an engaged couple the dance of their dreams.

Let’s say that you don’t know what your friends would like to start with, be it Private Lessons or Group Classes. No problem! You can pick up a Gift Card, or get one in our Online Store, in increments of $25. What’s great is, when you spend over $100, you get a FREE $15 Gift Card to gift to someone else, or keep for yourself!

This year, give the gift of health, energy, excitement and fun to those you love. Adult dance lessons are a blast! While you’re in our studio shopping, visit our new retail shop too. Who knows, you may even walk away with something special just for you. Happy Shopping!


Get Comfortable Country Dancing in Phoenix

Country dancing here in the Phoenix East Valley is a blast! You can enjoy dancing the Country Two Step, Country Swing,  Nite Club Two Step and Country Waltz in bars and clubs across the Valley. Dance FX Studios is situated perfectly in Mesa amongst several cities in the area, including Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler. Whether you’re a regular at Toby Keith’s, want to get ready for Country Thunder here in Arizona, or want to be ready to dance the night away at a wedding coming up, we are the place for you! Dance FX Studios has been teaching adults of all ages to Country dance for over twelve years. While learning the steps to each dance, dance form, and how to lead and follow are all crucial, it is also important to know things like dancing attire and some social dancing guidelines to take with you when you dance outside the studio. If you wear clothes that are uncomfortable or not appropriate for boot-scootin’ the night away, it could affect your whole night. Let’s discuss what to wear when you go out Country dancing, to avoid such mishaps:


No matter what the season is, you are probably going to get warm when you go out dancing, especially here in Arizona. Wearing several layers or thick clothing is probably going to turn up the heat even more, so it’s best to stick to clothing that is breathable and cool.

You are going to be doing a lot of spinning, dipping and turning all over the dance floor, whether you are Two Stepping, Swing dancing, so finding something to wear that will not need to be constantly readjusted will be to your benefit.

Though it’s best to leave dips and lifts to the pros, if you’re going to wear a skirt or dress, it is a good idea to wear spandex underneath to avoid any unintentional peeks. Shorts or jeans in the winter will save you from embarrassment or worry if you prefer.

When it comes to Country dancing, less is more, so keep your jewelry simple and minimal. Long, dangly necklaces or earrings have a tendency to become a hazard to you or your partner during spins or turns. Large rings also end up scratching or getting caught on clothing, and bracelets become a nuisance when a leader is trying to do various moves with you.

Wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must, and they must also be slip resistant. Our instructors recommend wearing leather soled boots. They are comfortable, and the leather soles make for easy turns. Mary Jane’s can also be an alternative because the strap will ensure that they won’t slip off and they can usually be worn longer because they are typically not a very high heel. If you want to keep your toes intact and avoid broken shoes, leave your flip flops at home! Of course, when going out Country dancing, a great pair of Cowboy boots is always a great investment.


We as women understand that men like to be comfortable and casual, especially if they are Country dancing. A clean tee shirt or a short sleeved button up shirt looks nice with a pair of jeans or slacks. Short sleeves will keep the temperature down, and if you’re worried about perspiration, you can wear an undershirt (and don’t forget deodorant!).

As far as shoes go, leather bottom boots are usually the best bet, but a pair of tennis shoes also works. Boots are best, just as we recommended for the ladies, but if you don’t own a pair, that’s OK too. Again, avoid wearing flip flops so your toes go unharmed and your shoes don’t hinder your foot movements.

If you end up wearing a hat, be sure to make adjustments in your dancing so that it doesn’t get knocked off!

All in all, with a little consideration, you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning on the dance floor or preventing you from having fun. Comfort is key, and with these helpful hints, your night out Country dancing will be a success!

If you want to be even more prepared for a fun night of Country dancing, check out our Introductory Offer for private Country dance lessons! For just $40, you will get a full hour of dancing and discussing tips and goals for your Country dance hobby with one of our excellent instructors. Call us today at 480.968.6177or check out what we offer on our website!

Country Two Step Your Way into 2013!

With the new year approaching, there are so many reasons to dance! Being that we live in Arizona, Country  is one of those popular dance styles that YOU need to know in the upcoming year. Let’s take a  look at why Country dancing is a must-have in 2013 for everyone…

Country dancing is FUN and EASY!: Who doesn’t want to venture into something that you KNOW you will be able to learn and use in a very short amount of time?! Country dancing, including the Two Step, Swing and Waltz are both exciting AND cool to know! Since there are no sexy hips to master like in Latin dancing, anyone can get out on to a Country dance floor and enjoy the basics with just a few private dance lessons under their belt.

Country dancing in AZ is practical!: Guys…if you’re going to be dragged out on to the dance floor by your lady, learn a few dances that you will actually use here in Arizona. Country bars are everywhere around Phoenix and surrounding cities in AZ, so learn to Two Step and Country Swing dance and your bases will be covered wherever Country music is being played. Even at local weddings, you will find that Country music is common, so why not learn something that will get you out on the dance floor and make you look great!

Ladies LOVE to Country Dance!: As we all know, every woman loves a guy that can dance. Men, learn to Two Step or Country slow dance and see how impressed she will be on your next date night. With all of the spinning and fast and furious moves in the Swing contrasted by the romance in the Country Waltz or the Nite Club 2 Step, a woman will have all of her Country dance needs met with just a little effort on her man’s part. (If you need more arm-twisting, refer to reason #1 as to why you should learn to Country dance.)

So how do you get started with all of the excitement that Country dancing has to offer? Our recommendation is to give us a call here at Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, AZ! We have been the Country dance hub for over a decade when it comes to becoming a confident Country dancer. Learn to Country dance with us and be prepared for ANY social dance event where Country music is being played!

Dance FX Studios is located just off the 101 highway on the border of Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ just a few miles from Scottsdale and Gold Canyon. We are here to meet all of your social dancing needs from Country dancing to social Latin and Swing dance. Check out our website for more details on how you can be a comfortable social dancer with lessons from us at Dance FX Studios.

First Dance Night Out, A Success!

Congratulations to all of the brave students who joined the Dance FX Studios’ staff for a night out dancing at Cactus Moon Bar on Wednesday night. For some, this was their first night dancing outside of the studio, taking the first (albeit intimidating) step towards becoming a great social dancer. Everyone who joined us had great success in trying their Country dance moves out in the real world and the staff is so proud of you!

Nights out dancing with Dance FX Studios are back again and you too can benefit from participating. Prior to taking our students out to a variety of dance venues around the Phoenix metro area, we start our nights out with a dance class at the studio. This gives us a chance for last-minute reminders on dance etiquette and more key tips on how to transfer one’s dancing out to any social dance floor with ease. After the class, we all meet at a local venue and dance together for several hours.

Country dancing at Cactus Moon last Wednesday gave Dance FX Studios’ Country dancers a true experience of how fun it is to actually go dancing with the added benefit of having their instructors by their side. Throughout the night, the Dance FX Studios’ staff danced with everyone and gave hands-on instruction in a live dance setting.

If you have been wanting to go Country or Latin dancing, but don’t know others with the same interest, you now have a new group of friends who would love for you to join in on the fun. Dance FX Studios will be hosting nights out twice a month, one Country dance night and one Latin dance night. Meet new friends and experience dancing with Dance FX Studios’ staff and students by signing up for our next night out today. The fee for joining us for the evening is just $25 per person and includes a dance class, drink ticket at the venue and dancing for 2 hours.

Dance FX Studios will be heading over to Dave and Buster’s on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012. We will be holding a salsa and bachata class to kick off the night at 8 pm. Reservations are required to join us so don’t wait to get involved.

Did you know that Dance FX Studios offers in-house dance nights too? Twice a month, we have dance parties where we play all kinds of music from swing to Country, Latin, Argentine tango and even a bit of Hip Hop. In fact, you can join us for our Winter Wonderland in-house dance party coming up on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 8 pm. Some of our events even include live music by AMAZING local bands like Come Back Buddy, Latin XS and Two-Bit Shotgun.

Get off the couch or out of the movie theatre and get into a healthy, exciting hobby that will keep you in shape physically and mentally, social dancing (of course)! Relax with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for your next date night or to meet new people. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor for one of our upcoming events!