First Dance Night Out, A Success!

Congratulations to all of the brave students who joined the Dance FX Studios’ staff for a night out dancing at Cactus Moon Bar on Wednesday night. For some, this was their first night dancing outside of the studio, taking the first (albeit intimidating) step towards becoming a great social dancer. Everyone who joined us had great success in trying their Country dance moves out in the real world and the staff is so proud of you!

Nights out dancing with Dance FX Studios are back again and you too can benefit from participating. Prior to taking our students out to a variety of dance venues around the Phoenix metro area, we start our nights out with a dance class at the studio. This gives us a chance for last-minute reminders on dance etiquette and more key tips on how to transfer one’s dancing out to any social dance floor with ease. After the class, we all meet at a local venue and dance together for several hours.

Country dancing at Cactus Moon last Wednesday gave Dance FX Studios’ Country dancers a true experience of how fun it is to actually go dancing with the added benefit of having their instructors by their side. Throughout the night, the Dance FX Studios’ staff danced with everyone and gave hands-on instruction in a live dance setting.

If you have been wanting to go Country or Latin dancing, but don’t know others with the same interest, you now have a new group of friends who would love for you to join in on the fun. Dance FX Studios will be hosting nights out twice a month, one Country dance night and one Latin dance night. Meet new friends and experience dancing with Dance FX Studios’ staff and students by signing up for our next night out today. The fee for joining us for the evening is just $25 per person and includes a dance class, drink ticket at the venue and dancing for 2 hours.

Dance FX Studios will be heading over to Dave and Buster’s on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012. We will be holding a salsa and bachata class to kick off the night at 8 pm. Reservations are required to join us so don’t wait to get involved.

Did you know that Dance FX Studios offers in-house dance nights too? Twice a month, we have dance parties where we play all kinds of music from swing to Country, Latin, Argentine tango and even a bit of Hip Hop. In fact, you can join us for our Winter Wonderland in-house dance party coming up on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 8 pm. Some of our events even include live music by AMAZING local bands like Come Back Buddy, Latin XS and Two-Bit Shotgun.

Get off the couch or out of the movie theatre and get into a healthy, exciting hobby that will keep you in shape physically and mentally, social dancing (of course)! Relax with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for your next date night or to meet new people. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor for one of our upcoming events!