Country Two Step is Here to Stay!

The Country two step has risen to become one of the most popular dances here in Arizona over the last decade. But that was not always the case. With its original pairing and development based on the ballroom waltz, the dance did not thrive at first. Not at all, in fact.

Digging deeper into the history of the Country two step was quite revealing. It appears that in the 1920’s, the two step was originally named “valse a’deux temps” which translates to the “waltz of two beats”. It was not a dance that people warmed up to mainly due to its jerky appearance, especially as compared to the fluid and elegant  look of the waltz.

You can say that the two step was “shelved” until it resurfaced with a new look and name several years later. The Country two step was reborn as the “deux pas” (two step) and was paired with the tempo of the foxtrot, giving it a more casual appearance. Gone was the look and comparison to the waltz as it evolved into a more bouncy and loose social dance.

Fortunately, thanks to hit movies such as Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta, the Country Two Step gained recognition. The choreographers of the Urban Cowboy took the two step and mixed it with it’s ballroom “cousin”, the foxtrot, as mentioned above, to create a similar dance with a Country flair. From that point  on, the two step grew in approval and adoration to become a staple in small towns and big cities alike across America.

Now, with the current demand of Country crossover music by pop stars like Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton, the Country two step can be danced almost anywhere. No need to find your local Country bar to enjoy the ease and excitement of this dance. In fact, because Country music is so hot right now, the two step is a must-have dance almost anywhere you live.

Don’t like Country music? That’s OK, this is a dance that you can apply to other genres once you know the basics. What is so wonderful about the two step is its sheer versatility. You can use this must-have dance on a crowded dance floor or one that allows you to travel. You will make HIM happy in this dance because it is very easy to learn. SHE will love this dance because of all of the fun spins and dips that will sweep her off of her feet. It’s a win/win!

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