How to Avoid Country Dancing Disasters

Country dance classes in Mesa ArizonaHave you ever been out Country dancing and had someone get flung right into you? What about being stepped on by a huge pair of Cowboy boots? Ouch! Well I have, and let me say, neither is the greatest feeling. “How do we avoid these dancing disasters?”, you may be wondering. Well, I have a couple of ideas. Thy these out next time you go Country dancing here in Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, and see if they make a difference.

My number one suggestion for those who are brave enough to get out on that Country dance floor is to come prepared. By that I mean, take Country Dance Lessons for beginners BEFORE going out Country dancing. How nice will it feel to actually know what you’re doing when you’re out there versus looking at the guy to your left and mimicking him. That’s how these disasters started happening in the first place! It’s seriously the blind leading the blind out there. To change that, be the dancer who has the tools to navigate that crowded dance floor with ease. With Private Country Dance Lessons, you will definitely get valuable tips on how to lead and follow, how to connect with anyone on the dance floor, how to navigate around a crowded dance floor, and how to dance with etiquette. The best part is that your learning experience will be personalized for how you learn best, since Private Dance Instruction is all about you!

Next, seek out Country dance bars that seem to have more mindful dancers in them. We all want to feel cool by showing up at the trendy Country bars, but some Country bars here in Arizona have turned into more of a “club” scene than a true Country bar. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, you can visit a bar or two first to get a feel for the type of dancers that attend and what style they lean towards. You don’t have to try and fit in amongst what I call the “Wild Horses” of the Country scene if you’re looking to test out your skills in the real world and be safe at the same time.

Finally, come into this new world of Country dancing with an open mind. Start by patting yourself on the back for giving Country dancing a try in the first place! It is going to be intimidating wherever you go dancing as a beginner Country dancer, but if you relax, take it slow and enjoy the experience of getting your feet wet for the first few times, I promise it will get easier and easier each time you go out there. Don’t give up! There is room on that dance floor for you, you just have to carve out a little space for yourself and own it. Think back to what you learned in your Private Dance Lessons and have some fun! You’ve put in the time to learn, so you might as well get out there and enjoy your new hobby!

Country dancing is a blast, especially when you know what you’re doing. Take the time to do it right and you will be able to use your skills for years to come! If you live in the Phoenix East Valley, stop by and visit your Country dance pros at Dance FX Studios for incredible tips on how to be a confident Country dancer.