Three Things You Didn’t Know About Country Two Step Dancing

Country Two Step lessons near Chandler ArizonaWho doesn’t love Country dancing? Grabbing a friend and heading out to a Country bar on any given night is a great way to meet new people, relax and unwind from your week, and dance! If you’re anything like me, you don’t particularly love all Country music (especially that “twangy” old-school style), but that’s OK. Two Step dancing isn’t about waiting for your favorite songs to come on, it’s about enjoying a fun and easy dance that can burn off some serious steam (and calories!). Country dancing is actually quite entertaining!

Now, if you have been out Country dancing, you may have already discovered that learning to Two Step is not particularly difficult. What makes the dance seem challenging is the way many dancers are using it today. From flying around the dance floor like your feet are on fire, to swinging your partner into others because it’s “fun” to be twirled, Country dancing, especially here in Arizona, needs a make-over, or more like a “make-under”. What’s being lost are the key aspects of the dance, including the rhythm.

Here are a few things that you most likely did not know about Country Two Step dancing. If you apply them, you will be successful on the dance floor. If not, you will most likely fit in with what’s trendy today. 😉 Either way, as long as you’re out dancing, that’s a great thing!

  1. Country Two Step is a rhythm. Every dance has a rhythm, and the Country Two Step is no exception. Sticking with the rhythm of the Two Step is most of what actually makes it a Two Step, versus other popular dances, like the Country Swing or Waltz.  The rhythm for the Two Step is Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow. While that may not mean much to you as a beginner Country dancer, knowing that there is a certain rhythm to the dance is a definite start. With Private Two Step dance lessons, you will discover how to apply your steps to the beat, so you can look awesome out Country dancing.
  2. Country Two Step is NOT a fast dance. When I go out dancing, I spot out tons of Country dancers (out here in Phoenix, Arizona at least) that seem to think every song being played is a Two Step. That is definitely not the case! Can you find the “Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow” beat in many songs that are not meant for Two Stepping? Yes, and that is part of the problem. So, to rephrase what I’m trying to say, Two Step not only has a certain rhythm, but it also has a general speed. Really fast songs should be used as Swings, medium tempo Country music is generally meant for Two Stepping and slower songs can cover your Country Waltz’s, Nite Club Two Steps. Doing the same dance to every speed just shows that you only know one style, and that you are not versatile on the dance floor.
  3. Country Two Step can travel, or not! This is a really cool aspect of the Country Two Step that many people don’t realize. For those that have taken Two Step dance lessons at some point, they may have learned that this dance always moves in a counter-clockwise direction. That is true when you are traveling, but you can also do the Two Step in place, making it super-fun for crowded dance floors! How? Come visit us at Dance FX Studios to find out! 🙂

If you’re ready to conquer any dance floor, start your journey into Country dancing with beginner’s Country Western dance lessons. Private Country dance lessons are ideal so that we can help you to establish the fundamentals of partner dancing before venturing out to a crowded dance floor. We can also give you the information and confidence you need to shine. Let us help you to uncover the fun and excitement of Country dancing today.