How Social Dancing Can Rescue You!

swing dancing in Mesa ArizonaHave you ever found yourself on a Friday night at home alone wishing that you were out doing something fun? Do you play re-runs of classics like Footloose and Dirty Dancing at home hoping that he will one day take you out dancing? Do you wish you could find a way to relax and unwind without having to polish off a bottle of wine? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions , you are in need of dancing in your life! Social dancing can take you away from your worries, help you to reconnect with your partner and give you lots to do when the weekend rolls around…doesn’t that sound like exactly what you need? I think so!

To make sure we are on the same page, you may be wondering what social dancing is exactly. Social dancing is what you can use out at weddings, in bars, on cruises and at holiday parties. It’s what you do at a gathering when someone puts on the music and you all feel like getting up and grooving! Social dances that are hot today include Swing dancing, Salsa, and Country Two Step. All three popular styles are done to different kinds of music so there’s no reason to ever sit on the sidelines and wish that you could participate in the fun.

Now, to set yourself up for success, I recommend signing up for some adult social dance lessons. Beginner’s dance lessons will give you a solid understanding of the key points to becoming a great social dancer, namely how to lead or follow, how to move as one with a partner and other fun dance techniques. Private dance lessons are the fastest route to being a competent dancer, so start there.

But back to how dancing can rescue you…Singles, there’s absolutely no reason that your weekend should be spent with Netflix once you know how to dance. Here in Phoenix, Arizona, there are Country bars galore, Latin dance clubs abound, and even a few Swing dance venues that will knock your socks off! Go! Get out and visit a place that interests you. Invite someone for a dance, or stand by the floor to indicate that you would like to be invited out for a dance and see how your night shapes up from there. Trust me, the better, more trained dancers can’t get off the dance floor if they tried! That will be you after some Country dance lessons or Latin ones to build your confidence. Everyone is attracted to a great dancer, and that can easily be you, with some effort on your part beforehand.

For couples…torture her no more! Find a local adult dance studio and set up a couple’s dance lessons for her as a surprise. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and a gift card for couple’s dance lessons may be just what she would love! Once you’re at your first dance lesson, be sure to let your instructor know what kind of music you like so he/she can pick useful dances for you to learn. Then let the journey of discovering dance begin! Social dancing is fantastic for couples who want to spend quality time together away from the kids, daily life and work. Lessons will give you a chance to hold each other and re-connect, and every couple can benefit from a little more of that!

For you workaholics, let dancing rescue you any and every chance you get! Take a Private Swing Dance Lesson at the end of your busy day, or grab a co-worker and head out Salsa dancing after work. Dancing will allow you to blow off some steam, meet new friends and even make connections for work! Again, everyone is attracted to a great dancer, so with some lessons under your belt, you’ll be looking and feeling great out there.

Social dancing is the cure-all for many areas of our lives. From connecting with others to lifting your spirits to adding romance, relieving stress, losing weight and so much more, social dancing can help. So give adult dance lessons a try today, you’ll be so glad you did!