Create a One of a Kind Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons for brides and grooms in ArizonaIt’s your special day and a wedding dance to remember is at the top of your list. Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family with a first dance that will Rock Your Reception? If so, there are so many ways to bring your vision to life!

Where to begin? Here are some tips…

First, seek professional help by signing up for Wedding Dance Lessons. No one is born knowing how to dance, so with an instructor by your side, you can free yourself from the guessing work on how to put together a choreographed routine for your wedding. Phew! Professional dance instruction can be a bit of an investment, but it will be worth every penny since you will walk away knowing how to dance beyond the wedding. Plus, you will look great on the most important day of your life in front of everyone you love. No more 7th grade prom sway! With Wedding Dance Lessons from a qualified instructor, you will definitely be making memories of your reception that everyone can treasure.

Speaking of which, personalizing your wedding dance by choosing meaningful songs is key. Not every first dance needs to be sappy and slow. Put your stamp on your routine with upbeat Country music, for example. Whatever genre of music you enjoy, ask your instructor to incorporate that into your wedding dance. It will make your routine unique to you, and that much more special.

Next, see what it would look like to blend several dance styles together. This is a really fun surprise for your guests, and you get a chance to learn more than one type of dance for future occasions! An example would be to start out with a slow dance, shock your friends and family by busting out into a salsa, swing or Country two step dance, then wrap everything up by going back to your original slow dance. From Country to Latin to Swing dancing, your options are virtually endless when it comes to being creative. That last thing you want is to look like someone else you saw on YouTube, so make sure that you like where your choreographer is going with your vision so that you can really perform your dance.

On that note, make time to put your personalities into the dance. If you start with Wedding Dance Lessons with plenty of time to spare, you can get comfortable enough to add your own style into your dance. What a cool thing! Surely you don’t want to appear stiff and robotic, so start 4-6 months beforehand to really shine.

On the flip side, if you’re super shy, how fun would it be to reveal your inner diva?! You know she’s in there! No one would expect it, and you will definitely give everyone something to remember.

If you’re engaged…first, Congrats! Now go and contact your local dance studio for adults for lessons! It will be an awesome experience for you as a couple, giving you quality time together to relax and unwind as you learn to dance. And who knows, once you gain confidence, your wedding dance could very well be the highlight of your entire day! WooHoo!