Top 3 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Dance!

the perfect wedding danceIt’s an exciting time! Lots to prepare for, from flowers to cake to a venue that you adore. Let’s not forget your wedding dance. Now that may take some time to get down pat, so here are a few tips from me to you on how to have the dance of your dreams.

First, now that you’re engaged, start taking Wedding Dance Lessons at an adult dance studio near you as soon as possible. Many people put off their lessons thinking that everything else is a priority, but your first dance is the one thing that you will actually need to learn to do, so don’t sit on this one.

Even with a long engagement, time is not on your side when it comes to discovering how to dance for the biggest day of your lives. Consider the fact that you have to not only learn the steps, memorize choreography and see how to move gracefully with your bride or groom, but you have to ultimately perform your dance in front of everyone you love. Now that’s pressure! Relieve yourself of that weight by getting a head start on your dance lessons. Then, you’ll be gliding around that dance floor with ease and fluidity by the day of your wedding for sure!

Time flies when you’ve got so much to do. With your Wedding Dance Lessons, planning is a requirement to shine on the dance floor. The next thing to consider once you have set up a Wedding Dance Consultation is your vision for your wedding dance routine. Are you wanting a sweet and simple first dance? Were you thinking of how cool it would be to rock your reception with a sultry tango or playful swing dance!!? The choice is yours. When you meet with your wedding dance choreographer, be sure to share your ideas so he/she can bring them to life. A good instructor will let you know what is realistic and what may seem like a good idea, but ultimately won’t work.

Lastly, I suggest that you fast forward 50 years from the day of your wedding. Will you be happy with the routine that you think sounds awesome today? Does sliding across the floor playing the air guitar just seem like a good idea now? Does that even matter to you? A timeless first dance with a wedding song that everyone knows and loves will be a different keepsake than a trendy Country dance that is popular today. Neither is wrong, but you may want to think ahead as this will hopefully be the only first dance you will ever perform.

Have a blast learning to dance for your big day! Wedding Dance Lessons are an incredible stress reliever! When you just need an hour to connect with your sweetie after everything else seems to be going wrong, your dance lessons will be your savior. Enjoy the journey and best of luck on your perfect wedding dance!