Have a Swinging Summer!

country swing lessons mesa azWhat are you doing to make the most of your summer? Swimming? Hanging out with friends? Taking a vacation? They all sound like great ways to pass the time. Another fun way to make this summer memorable is to discover a new hobby-especially if it keeps you out of the heat! My suggestion? Give Swing Dance Lessons a try!

Swing dancing is a timeless (and ageless) hobby that will keep you fit, trim and happy all year round, so why not get started now?! Then, by the time the weather breaks, you’ll be swingin’ your way through those holiday dance parties like you’ve been dancing for years.

You may not know this, but there are more than 20 variations of swing dancing, so knowing where to begin when you sign up for beginner’s swing dance lessons can be helpful. If you’re in need of guidance, I’m here to help. 🙂

Country music lovers…Country swing is going to be essential to know anywhere you want to go Country dancing. It’s fast, furious and fun! With Private Country Swing Dance Lessons, you’ll be shining on any dance floor in no time. My tip for you, though, is to NOT learn tricks and lifts in preparation for social Country dancing. It’s both unsafe and requires too much space to be able to share a dance floor comfortably with others, so leave those moves at home, or in a gymnasium where you have a safety net should anything go awry. You can’t go wrong with Country dance lessons if you’re a Cowboy (or girl) at heart!

Are you into oldies music?? Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and the like? Then you MUST learn how to Jitterbug dance! It’s easy, upbeat and filled with exciting turns. No need to pull out a poodle skirt for this one, just look forward to discovering the most practical of the swing dance styles as you will be able to apply it to other genres of music from Rock and Roll to Reggae. Jitterbug dancing is a blast!

Lastly, if you’re up for a challenge, explore the sexy West Coast swing. It’s a bit slower and definitely has some sass, so it will be perfect for many eclectic styles from Hip Hop music to 70’s jams. The West Coast swing has a look of its own, so definitely pair it with other swing dance styles to really be versatile in swing dancing as a whole.

I hope you’re excited to venture into your new hobby this summer by taking swing dance lessons. Singles, even though swing dancing is a partner dance, don’t let that hold you up when it comes to learning. You can learn even quicker by coming in and dancing with an instructor. Whether you have a partner or not, get started now, the summer’s just about to begin!