Top Three Social Dances In Arizona Today

swing dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaCouples and singles in Arizona… Are you feeling stagnant in your regular 9-5, Monday through Friday, lives? Well then, it might be time to start getting out more often! There are tons of great places to go grab a bite and a drink, but wouldn’t it be fun to go somewhere you can listen to some live music, and maybe even hit the dance floor to burn off some much needed steam? What’s that? You don’t dance? Well you’re missing out! And, since it’s not too late for you to learn, you should also know which dances are in right now, so that you can fit in wherever you go. No, popular dances in Arizona do not include twerking, or doing the Dougie, but they are Country Swing dancing, Salsa  dancing and Two Stepping!

Yes, here in Arizona, we LOVE to partner dance, and with Country bars and Latin Night Clubs all around the Phoenix metro area, it’s time to get signed up for beginner’s dance lessons for adults so you can join in the fun! Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, a social dance studio for adults, we can turn you into a great social dancer in these dance styles and more! Let’s explore each of these cool dances that you need to know if you live in Arizona.

Probably the most spicy dance used – not just here, but in the entire southwest is…Salsa! You have to try it out! It’s sexy, fast paced, fun and playful. Salsa is a hot and steamy dance that will challenge you in the best way possible, while giving you a very close and intimate connection with your partner. A night out Salsa dancing is exhilarating, and often just what is needed to leave your busy week behind and start anew. If you’re single and just want to meet new people who also love to dance, there’s lots of opportunity around town. A night out Salsa dancing can prove very fun indeed. And for couples, salsa dancing can be the start, or end, to a great night of romance and passion.

Another very popular social dance here in Arizona that is loved over many generations is Swing dancing! With swing dancing, once you get started, it’s hard to put it asideSwing dancing is versatile in both look and feel, and can be complimented by many styles of music, from Jazz, to Big Band, Rock and Roll and even Hip Hop music. How can you not love that!? With all of the various styles to explore, Swing dance lessons are a great investment towards your social life.

Country Two Step is without a doubt the most commonly used dance in the Country bars.  Between all of the newest Country dance music you hear on the radio, Swing dance lessons and Country Two Step lessons will get you covered when you’re out Country dancing.  And since it’s nearly impossible to come into any city in Arizona and not find a Country dance bar somewhere, those lessons will really come in handy. When you watch a couple Two Step on the dance floor, you’ll be eager to go out and learn how to do this yourself. Bottom line, Country dancing is easy, relaxing and super fun! If you’re looking to shake off life and put a smile on your face, and you love Country music, then Country dancing is for you!

Still unsure as to what dances you’ll fall in love with? No worries! Come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ  and see what you excites you. Our incredible dance instructors can show you in person what each one of these dances looks like and how they will benefit you. From there, you can begin your journey to becoming a confident social dancer!