Social Benefits of Dancing

Make new friends with social dancing lessons! Have you ever wondered why people who are dancing can’t seem to help but smile? Connecting with others on the dance floor adds a new dimension to any relationship. From friendships to romantic connections, social dancing brings people together.

As a low pressure way to meet others, social dancing opens doors for people to get acquainted. Before long, and out of a simple and mutual love of dance, bonds are created. From there, a shared sense of community through dance encourages long-lasting ties.

In fact, dancing has even aided in bridging those of different communities together. In a study done in Northern Ireland, Blackpool and Sacramento in the U.S. by Jonathan Skinner, a lecturer in Social Anthropology at the School of History and Anthropology at Queen’s University Belfast, tensions between neighborhoods were alleviated through dancing. Where friction among neighborhoods was still an issue, Dr. Skinner found that “social dancing leads to a continued engagement with life – past, present, and future” and that  social dancing provided the opportunity to enjoy life together and create tolerance between each other.

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