Put Down Your Phone and Dance!

adult dance studios near Gilbert AZAre you guilty of hiding behind your phone? So many of us are! With Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, email and internet all on one device, who needs interaction with a live person?  As you may well know, we all do. For a fantastic way to connect with others, put down your phone, get off that chair and try social dance lessons.  You’ll be so happy you did!

What is social dancing? Social dancing is what you use when you are at a wedding, in a bar, or at a nightclub with friends. I also refer to social dancing as partner dancing, because social “ballroom” dancing is performed with another person. As opposed to competitive ballroom dancing, social dancing is not choreographed, making it somewhat challenging but extremely exciting to learn and use.

Popular social dances include Country Two Step, Swing, Salsa and even the dramatic and sensual Argentine Tango. While all of these styles are practical to know for upcoming events and opportunities where music is played, you can start by learning just one style of dance at a time. This way, you can have a blast at a Country bar all night long, or at a Latin dance club, if that’s more your style.

Within each dance style, there’s plenty to of cool dances to explore. For example, if you enjoy Country music, I suggest that you learn these dances: Country Two Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz and West Coast Swing. They’re all great to know for different reasons, and your bases will be covered whether the music is slow, mid or fast tempo.

If you’re more into Latin music, very popular here in the southwest region, you’ll definitely want to take dance lessons in Bachata, Salsa, Merengue and maybe even Cha Cha. Trust me, you don’t want to finally get the courage to show up at a Latin dance club and only know one dance style. Be versatile, it’s so much more fun!

Social dancing is a hobby and skill that you will use time and again throughout your life. While the newest and greatest electronic devices are always going to be there to get sucked into, why feel close to someone via Facebook when you can physically appreciate time with another person face to face. That physical connection is irreplaceable by a device and is definitely required for us humans to thrive and be happy. We’ve all heard social studies on the importance of human interaction, so, for your own social, mental and emotional health, grab a new friend and dance!

If you’re looking for a nearby adult dance studio, and you happen to live in Phoenix, Arizona, come visit us at Dance FX Studios. We specialize in creating confident social dancers so that you can enjoy dancing anywhere. It’s time to put down that phone and get on the dance floor, we’re waiting to share in the joys of social partner dancing with you!