Make Dancing Your Date Night Adventure!

couple's dance lessons in arizonaAre you and your sweetheart looking for a new hobby, or just trying find something new to do on a spontaneous date night? If you live here in Arizona with us, then you need to head on over to Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley! We have everything you need to have a wonderful night of bonding, connection and romance. 😉

Now you may be in your regular habit of the “dinner and a movie” kind of date night, but why not get out and try something new together, like couple’s dance lessons? Couple’s dance lessons are actually what every twosome needs to break up the monotony of  daily routines and schedules. Think about it. Would you rather be taking Private Country Two Step Dance Lessons, or going to that same old Italian Restaurant…again!? First, you can do both. After all, you will be burning up to 500 calories on your dance lesson, so you may want to eat first and dance off that pasta after. Now that’s a plan!

Once you get into the rhythm of regular dance lessons as a couple, your bodies will feel a connection you’ve never felt before. Salsa dance lessons are a fantastic way to reignite the flame, for example, and who can’t use a bit more passion at any stage of their relationship? Or how about lightening things up with some Swing dance lessons? Swing dancing is so versatile and useful that you almost have to have it on any occasion. From Country bars to weddings, you will definitely use your fun Swing dance moves!

When you visit us, the choice is up to you on what you want to explore. We will teach you a variety of social ballroom dances that will cover all of your social occasions from date nights to going out on the weekends with friends. With any dance style you pick, the point is that you’ll be learning and growing together as a couple, and therefore taking full advantage of what dancing is all about. Good for you!

We know that dancing is the key to any successful relationship, so why not make it a part of your weekly routine?  Once you learn your roles on the dance floor as leader and follower, you’ll be having a blast “working” together in harmony. There’s absolutely no better way to build confidence in your relationship than leaning how to literally move as one.

At our studio, couple’s come to escape from it all. Leave the kids with Grandma, or a sitter, and come invest time into each other. Not only will you both be happier and healthier, but everyone else around you will be too.

So don’t just take my word for it. Get out there and start making some real memories! If you don’t live in Phoenix, AZ, find an adult dance studio near you and start taking some couple’s ballroom dance lessons. We’re here for all the lucky ones who do live in town. Come on in and start your journey together as a more confident couple here with us. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!