3 More Things You Thought You Knew About Partner Dancing

adult dance studios in ArizonaAre you interested in learning how to Country two step, salsa or swing dance? That’s awesome! There’s no better time than the summer to begin taking adult dance lessons in these popular styles to beat the heat and stay fit.

Now that you know what you want to learn, there’s so much to discover! Most beginners think Country, Swing or Latin dance lessons are just about memorizing steps. Not so! While knowing where your feet go may seem important, there are even more key concepts that take precedence when learning to dance. Here are a few interesting things that you may not know about partner dancing…

First, for the men. Guys you don’t need to use your strength to be an awesome leader on the dance floor. That’s right…there’s no need to hit the gym before you invite your gal for a dance. While it’s common to see ladies being tossed around like rag dolls, especially in the Country dancing scene, treating her with a more gentle touch is best. Not only will you be protecting her arms from being ripped out of their sockets, but you will also be showing her that you know how to take care of a woman by making sure that you do not throw her into other dancers, objects, etc… This may seem like a common sense way to behave on the dance floor, and may just be the reason why you’re taking dance lessons in the first place, but being mindful of your partner is essential, and should be a topic of conversation while exploring partner dancing.  Bottom line: less is more. Learn to lead with finesse and the ladies will be lining up for more!

Next, for the ladies. It turns out that we’re not perfect either! Who knew? 🙂 What we need to keep in mind while out dancing is to not ourselves on the dance floor. All we want is to be turned and twirled, right? Well, ladies, that’s his job. He is the one who technically gets to decide when we get turned because he is the lead on the dance floor. While I can’t blame a newer dancer for turning herself, the idea of letting the leader do his job is key. You may not have known about it before your dance lessons, but now that you know, please empower him by letting him choose what he leads on the dance floor. What comes of this is confidence in a man, and a man that loves to dance, two exciting traits in a guy!

Lastly, you may not know that dancing is mainly about rhythm and connecting with the music. Staying on time with the music makes the dance what it is. For example, salsa dancing has a particular rhythm that you stick to: quick, quick, slow-two faster beats and one slower one. A two step begins with two slower beats followed by two quicker ones. As you learn new patterns and movements, make dancing with the music a priority over memorizing steps. You’ll tap into your inner rhythm and enjoy the dance that much more. I promise! Note: For those that think they don’t have any rhythm to tap in to, if you have a heart beat, you’ve got rhythm. Let your instructor show you how to bring it out, but just know, it’s in there.

You didn’t know you were delving into something so deep when you decided to sign up for beginner’s dance lessons, did you? The wonderful part is that dancing is a romantic and exciting hobby that you will use for years to come in many social situations. Enjoy the process of learning to dance and you will be investing in yourself, your health, your confidence and so much more!