The Rhythm in Me: Can I Dance?

Happy couple learning to dance near PhoenixThere is a large misconception out in the world that people can’t learn to dance for one reason or another. The main arguments?

“I’m not coordinated enough!”

“I have no rhythm.”

I’d like to take a moment to address both of these misunderstandings, once and for all. At Dance FX Studios, we have a very important school of thought – if you can walk, you can dance. We aren’t the only studio to follow this line of belief, but it bears repeating. If you know how to put one foot in front the other, you have the basic element that we need to bring out your inner dancer! It sounds silly, but dancing is basically glorified walking to music… Okay, I’m exaggerating. Of course, there is a lot more to swing dancing than just walking, but there is an element of truth to my previous statement. All social partner dancing is based on walking steps. This is especially visible if you’re interested in Country-Western dancing or the Argentine Tango. Country Two Step and Tango are both traveling dances, so you can easily see that they are manipulating walking steps. Other stationary social dances may be harder to see in this way, but believe me. You’re pretty much walking in place with rhythm and a little flair.

Speaking of rhythm…

Repeat after me.

Everyone has a sense of rhythm.

Say it again.

Everyone has a sense of rhythm.

If you didn’t, you would get zero enjoyment and entertainment from music. No joke, you wouldn’t even like music a little bit. If you don’t have at least a basic internal concept of rhythm, your mind wouldn’t be able to understand music. Does this mean your sense of rhythm is incredibly honed and perfected? No. But it does mean that with musicality training (Dance FX Studios has got you covered) you can learn to identify the beat of a song as well as more specific rhythms.

With continued training, you’ll be able to differentiate between the cinco clave of Salsa dance music and the go-to percussion patterns found in every Bachata. Not many people start their dancing journey with a solid understanding of rhythm and body movement, but don’t that that keep you from trying. No one starts off dribbling a ball with skill or throwing a perfect pitch. Just like with anything else in life, it requires practice, dedication, and a skilled teacher to guide you.

If you’re located in the greater Phoenix area and need some help finding the rhythm in you, come check out Dance FX Studios. Our professional instructors are here to bring out your inner dancer with super fun, customized private social dance lessons. Our studio has been around for 13 years helping people gain knowledge and confidence in every style of partner dance. If private lessons aren’t your style, feel free to join us for group dance classes. Learn with students from all walks of life and every experience level! No matter how you want to learn, we can bring out the dancer in you. Call today!


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