Make Dancing Your Date Night Adventure!

couple's dance lessons in arizonaAre you and your sweetheart looking for a new hobby, or just trying find something new to do on a spontaneous date night? If you live here in Arizona with us, then you need to head on over to Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley! We have everything you need to have a wonderful night of bonding, connection and romance. 😉

Now you may be in your regular habit of the “dinner and a movie” kind of date night, but why not get out and try something new together, like couple’s dance lessons? Couple’s dance lessons are actually what every twosome needs to break up the monotony of  daily routines and schedules. Think about it. Would you rather be taking Private Country Two Step Dance Lessons, or going to that same old Italian Restaurant…again!? First, you can do both. After all, you will be burning up to 500 calories on your dance lesson, so you may want to eat first and dance off that pasta after. Now that’s a plan!

Once you get into the rhythm of regular dance lessons as a couple, your bodies will feel a connection you’ve never felt before. Salsa dance lessons are a fantastic way to reignite the flame, for example, and who can’t use a bit more passion at any stage of their relationship? Or how about lightening things up with some Swing dance lessons? Swing dancing is so versatile and useful that you almost have to have it on any occasion. From Country bars to weddings, you will definitely use your fun Swing dance moves!

When you visit us, the choice is up to you on what you want to explore. We will teach you a variety of social ballroom dances that will cover all of your social occasions from date nights to going out on the weekends with friends. With any dance style you pick, the point is that you’ll be learning and growing together as a couple, and therefore taking full advantage of what dancing is all about. Good for you!

We know that dancing is the key to any successful relationship, so why not make it a part of your weekly routine?  Once you learn your roles on the dance floor as leader and follower, you’ll be having a blast “working” together in harmony. There’s absolutely no better way to build confidence in your relationship than leaning how to literally move as one.

At our studio, couple’s come to escape from it all. Leave the kids with Grandma, or a sitter, and come invest time into each other. Not only will you both be happier and healthier, but everyone else around you will be too.

So don’t just take my word for it. Get out there and start making some real memories! If you don’t live in Phoenix, AZ, find an adult dance studio near you and start taking some couple’s ballroom dance lessons. We’re here for all the lucky ones who do live in town. Come on in and start your journey together as a more confident couple here with us. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

adult dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaMother’s Day is just two short days away! What do you have planned for that special woman in your life? If you’ve run out of creative gift-giving ideas, have no fear! I’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day present…adult dance lessons!

Now, if you’re the man in her life, you can certainly join in the fun and get her couple’s dance lessons in popular dance styles like Country dancing, Salsa, or Swing dancing. What about the sexiest dance on earth, the Argentine tango. Yes, she would surely love to give that one a whirl too…especially with you!

With Private Dance Lessons for her, or for the two of you, you are giving your amazing gal so much more than a new hobby to enjoy. In fact, the benefits of social dancing are endless! Let’s start with how relaxing it is to learn to dance. Private Dance Lessons are a wonderful escape from your day-even for just an hour. Think about it. She’s kid-free, moving and grooving to her favorite music, and forgetting about work, and outside responsibilities. That’s a great thing! With a little down time, it’s much easier to tackle life head-on!

Country and Latin dance lessons for beginners are also a fun way to re-connect with your sweetie. If you’ve been bogged down with work and/or child rearing, dance lessons for two are quite the romantic getaway! You can meet at your local dance studio after work, or make your lessons a weekly date night. Either way, couple’s lessons are a great investment in your relationship. Making time for each other is a gift that is often more treasured than a new purse or outfit.

Finally, adult dance lessons are an awesome way to build self-confidence. If you’ve got a shy wife, or one that has always wanted to dance but doesn’t feel that she can, now is the time to show her that anything is possible. A self-assured person is a happier, healthier person, so why not help get the ball rolling for her?

Swing on by your local ballroom dance studio that offers lessons in the dances you think she’d love to learn. If you reside in Phoenix, Arizona, Dance FX Studios is a fantastic place to enjoy social dance lessons for adults. We make learning to dance fun and easy! She’ll get to explore everything from Country Two Step dancing to the steamy Latin Bachata dance, and anything in between!

Stop by today between noon and 8 pm or tomorrow (Saturday) between 11 am and 4 pm for a gift card for her. Dance FX Studios is on Dobson Rd and Guadalupe Rd on the southeast corner, just off the 101 highway. We hope we can help to brighten her Mother’s Day with the gift of dance!

The Dance of Your Dreams

wedding dance classes near Chandler AZCongratulations! You’re engaged. When’s the big day? Hopefully it’s far enough away so that you can prepare for the wedding dance of your dreams. What would you like your first dance to look like; a Cinderella story, a sitcom or a serious and romantic tale? Regardless of your personal style, now is the time to look into Wedding Dance Lessons so you can shine on your wedding day.

With so many other things to consider, from centerpieces to invitations, it’s easy to put your wedding dance plans off until everything else is done. Please don’t make this mistake! Keep in mind that, while it may take time to choose what cake company you like, it will take even more time to learn to dance. While  dance lessons for your wedding will be exciting, relaxing and super-fun, you will be learning a new skill from scratch, so do yourself a favor and plan accordingly.

“How far in advance should I plan to start taking Wedding Dance Lessons?” This is the number one question I am asked when it comes to getting started. My short answer is, at least three months before the wedding, depending on your vision for your wedding dance. If you want to wow your friends and family with a dramatic Argentine tango dance for your wedding, more time is a definite must. However, if a sweet and simple wedding dance is more your style, a few months should be sufficient.

Maybe you’re wanting to surprise your guests with a sassy Salsa or exciting Country Swing dance routine for your wedding. Go for it! “Rock your reception” with a customized first dance that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Rest assured, when you take the time to do a wedding dance like this, your friends and family will be wishing they performed a dance for their wedding that was as cool as yours.

Keep in mind that your wedding dance can really help to set the tone for your wedding reception. If you’re doing a themed wedding, like a “Rustic Chic” or “Retro” theme (both very popular these days), your first dance can be the perfect tie-in to get the party started. Your wedding dance does not have to fit in perfectly with your theme, but it’s a great idea to plan in this way. So, all you Country lovers, find your favorite Country song, and get ready to round up some fans as you give them a dance to remember!

To get started in all of this wedding planning fun, it’s not too soon to make an appointment for your Wedding Dance Consultation. With a consultation, you can establish if the songs you like are good for dancing, as well as see what type of wedding dance package options are available to you.

Wedding dance lessons can be an investment, but keep in mind that this will be the one part of your wedding that you can use over and over again beyond the wedding itself. How nice will it be to show up at your cousin’s wedding next Spring and be able to dance well together? Social partner dancing is a wonderful hobby that you have in your back pocket for any occasion from holiday parties to date nights throughout your lives as a married couple, so take the plunge and do this for the two of you. Keeping the romance alive is key for any couple. Let social dancing be your way to keep that spark alive.