Is Learning to Social Dance Part of Your New Year’s Resolution?

social dance classes near Chandler ArizonaHave you always wanted to learn to Country dance, Swing dance or maybe even Salsa dance? What’s been holding you back? Is it a lack of time or money, or are you waiting to find a dance partner? Are you possibly intimidated about taking that first step into your local dance studio? All of these reasons for passing up your chance to dance are valid, however time is not standing still and you are missing out on a wonderfully exciting hobby!

Maybe 2016 is your year to learn to social dance. If you’re thinking that it is, congratulations! What a great New Year’s resolution! You’re about to have what may turn out to be the best year of your life, and I can say that with absolute confidence. It’s truly unbelievable to think about all of the ways that knowing how to social dance can be a game-changer for you, but let me try and highlight three ways dancing can enhance your life, and you be the judge if it’s something you may want to explore in the year ahead.

  1. Knowing how to social dance builds confidence. Could you use a little more self-assurance in 2016? Who couldn’t! When you discover how to social dance, especially through Private Dance Lessons, you are putting yourself on the fast track to uncovering a fun and useful skill. With each Swing or Latin dance lesson, you will get better and better, so that your stale weekends of lying on the couch with Chinese food and a Red Box can be replaced with nights out with new friends dancing and having fun! Think about it, Country dancing with your buddies, or sitting at a bar or in a theatre. While all can be fun, only social dancing gives you ways to impress others, show off your abilities and even get some exercise, without realizing that you actually are “working out”.

Since so few people actually take the time to learn how to dance correctly, it’s pretty wonderful when you are one of the rare ones who actually knows what he/she is doing. With a little time and effort, not only will you have partners lining up to dance with you, but you will be making time for yourself to shake that unwanted stress and connect with someone special, if that is your intention.

2. Speaking of which, social dancing, which encompasses all of the fun and popular dances today, from Bachata to Argentine tango to Swing dancing, can be very romantic. If you’re lacking in that department, whether you’re single or not, going out to dinner followed by an evening of dancing once a month can be just what the doctor ordered. For couples that have been together for a number or years, dance lessons can help you to re-connect and re-establish working as a team, both of which are quite essential for a truly intimate relationship.

Newer couples can get things started on the right foot with couple’s dance lessons. At my dance studio, we (somewhat) jokingly refer to couple’s dance lessons as “insurance” for a long-lasting relationship. Although, after 20 years of watching couples grow closer together through their dance lessons, I don’t think it’s much of a joke at all.

Singles can really get a head start in the dating game by knowing how to social dance. Imagine the date night possibilities…they’re endless! Again, if you meet out social dancing, and you are one of the few who know how to dance, you’re putting yourself ahead of the pack when it comes to being attractive to other dancers, and that’s never a bad thing.

3. Social dancing is a huge stress reliever! Ways to manage stress are at the top of most people’s list regardless of what year we are coming into. Why not find a fun way to let it all go and “shake it off” with social dance lessons? You’ll find that when you’re in a dance class, that it’s virtually impossible to be bogged down by work or anything else for that matter. Your full attention will instead be towards something healthy, relaxing and beneficial to YOU.

The year 2016 is just a few days away! Make learning to social dance your New Year’s resolution. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, come visit us at Dance FX Studios in the East Valley. We are minutes from Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona, just off the 101 highway.

We at Dance FX Studios focus on creating confident social dancers for any occasion. Don’t let life pass you by without the joy of knowing how to dance. Visit us for a fun, new hobby that will bring you years of enjoyment ahead.