A Unique Perspective on Ballroom Dancing

swing dance lessons near Chandler AZIf you watch Dancing With The Stars, you know how elegant, sexy, passionate and fun ballroom dancing is, but did you also consider the therapeutic value of learning to dance? That’s OK, most people don’t. They only see the end result, which is a beautifully executed dance that is impressive to watch. To get that result, though, we go through many stages of growth, from discovering how to lead with confidence to giving up control to tapping into sides of our personalities we didn’t know we had.

Ballroom dances, whether we’re talking Waltz, Swing or Salsa, are thrilling to watch, but the journey of learning to dance is actually much more rewarding than the final product. If you’re looking to grow into a better version of yourself, I would like to suggest that you too learn to ballroom dance. 🙂

Now, before we go any further, you may not know it, but there are two types of ballroom dancing; competitive and social. The first I already spoke on, and that is the Dancing With The Stars version of memorizing a routine and then performing it at a competition or in a show. The second way to explore ballroom dancing is by gaining knowledge on how to take what you have learned to a social dance floor. For example, if you’re going to a wedding, a Country bar with friends, or to a holiday party, you will need to learn to social dance, not competitive ballroom dance.

Social dancing is very practical and quite popular. You can actually gain many benefits from knowing how to social dance, maybe even more than studying formal ballroom dancing. Let’s take a look at some of the unique benefits you can gain by discovering social dancing so that you can gain a new perspective on ballroom dancing.

First, if you take beginner’s Country, Latin or Swing dance lessons with your sweetheart, you will be giving each other a romantic gift in the form of a skill that you can use on many occasions throughout your lives. From Aunt Sally’s third wedding reception to that dreaded holiday work event that always has an oldies band, you will soon be able to get out there and dance at any event that presents itself. Why sit out and watch when you can strut your stuff with your partner in crime…

Social dance lessons will also reignite a flame for couples that may be in a “funk” due to kids, life, work or whatever else may have crept into the way of keeping you close. On one or two nights a week, you can make it a “date night” and take time for just the two of you by setting up couple’s dance lessons with each other on a weekly basis. How romantic would that be! Making quality time for each other is the key after all, right?

If you’re single, learning to Country Two Step or Salsa dance is definitely for you. Social dancing is an awesome way to meet new friends (who also love to dance) and maybe to even line up few dates, if that’s what you’re looking for. Regardless, when you invest in dance lessons as a single, you’ll be adding a smile to your face each time you come in, shaving off pounds from the calories you’ve burned, and filling up your cup, so to speak, each week.

Social ballroom dance lessons are finally, but most importantly, key for building that social confidence in you that you may be lacking. While you may be self-assured at work or in your home life, gaining confidence on the dance floor is a really fantastic feeling. You can literally sweep someone off of their feet when you know what you’re doing out there on the dance floor, and that’s a wonderful feeling!

Give yourself the gift of knowing how to dance. Find an adult dance studio near you and see how much fun you’re missing and how you can make a difference in your overall happiness just by learning to dance! With so many cool styles to check out, from Country to Latin to Swing dancing, you’re sure to find something that excites you.