Making Memories with the Perfect Wedding Dance

wedding dance couple in ArizonaIf you live in Arizona and are looking for somewhere to take Wedding Dance Lessonsthen look no further! Located in the Phoenix East Valley, Dance FX Studios offers everything for your first dance needs.

Brides and Grooms, highlight the best night of your lives with a unique routine to make a memory that will last a lifetime. You’ve seen the fun and funky first-dances on YouTube, now let us show you how you can shine with a personalized dance routine that will keep your guests talking long after the night is over.

A great way to kick off the party at your wedding reception is to “Rock Your Reception” with a choreographed first dance. Your friends and family will be in for an unexpected surprise when you break out of the traditional, and slightly dull, typical first dance, and bust out into a salsa, swing or Country two step dance instead.

Your wedding dance doesn’t have to be something wild and crazy. It can also be fun, silly or simply romantic. Basically you just want something that will fit your style as a couple and reflect who you two really are. After all, aren’t we getting bored of swaying to and fro or dancing in circles? That “prom sway” is so old and outdated! Instead, step up your dance game and make use of that dance floor with your newly found skills. If you are seen having a good time then, most likely, everyone else will want to join in the fun and you can create an entertaining night for everyone.

There are many different styles of dancing that you can learn in preparation for your big day. With a Wedding Dance Consultation with one of our choreographers, we will help you to pick out the perfect dance for you. Pick one, or even a few, dances that go with your personality and tone of the wedding. Some examples of styles you can choose from include Swing, Latin, Country Western, Ballroom, and Hip Hop. How’s that for variety!?

Perhaps you’re attending a wedding in the near future. Maybe your child’s wedding, a relative, or friend’s? Most likely, during this joyous event, you will get up and dance at some point in time. If you are in the wedding party, you are almost obligated to dance, so don’t be the one who had to be dragged onto the dance floor. Take Private Dance Lessons for yourself so you can look great out there too. See…we do it all here at Dance FX Studios!

Now, we can give you an over-the-top show stopping routine, but these days’ brides and grooms are opting in for a bit more of the subtle surprise. Starting with the ever-popular “I don’t know how to dance” 7th grade sway, and then easing into a fun, elegant or playful first dance routine seems to be en vogue. Taking lessons for your first dance will alleviate one more thing that you have to plan, saving you the time that you would have spent trying to figure it all out on your own. And, keep in mind that dancing will give you and your fiancé one more thing that you can bond over right before the big day, and use forever as a hobby beyond your wedding. Bonus!

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we will take care of the planning and choreographing of your dance, and you get to be the stars. Let us get to know you and your vision for your first dance and we will do the rest from there as we prepare you for the most important dance of your lives!