Let’s Swing!

You have been thinking about learning to Swing dance, but it seems that something always comes up. You never seem to have the time, or maybe you’re just not sure how to get started. In addition, there are so many styles of Swing dances that you just aren’t sure which dance you would like to learn.  To get started with Swing dance lessons, we recommend that you give the Jitterbug a try.  This is a ballroom Swing dance that is very versatile and which many people enjoy.

When Swing dancing, you just can’t help smiling and having a great time! With over 24 variations of the Swing to choose from, it can be confusing as to which style is right for you. We suggest beginning with East Coast/Jitterbug Swing dance lessons for several reasons. First, you can dance the Jitterbug Swing to Rock and Roll, Country and Big Band music. How cool is that! Also, it’s the easiest of all of the Swing dance variations because it has fewer steps when compared to other styles.


Swing dancing is exciting, energetic, and because there are so many Swing dance tempos and styles, it is used everywhere from weddings to bars. The rhythm of the dance, as mentioned above, lends itself well to a large number of musical styles from Jazz to Big Band, Country, Blues, Rock and Roll and oldies, making Swing a must-have dance! While each style has its own features, in general it is the ideal dance for any social occasion. Swing dancing is quite popular and can encourage even non-dancers to tap their feet and move to the music.


Whether you learn to Jitterbug, Jive, West Coast or Lindy Hop, they all fall under the general term of Swing dancing. Swing is a fun-loving dance that makes people happy! It is truly an American dance that has world-wide appeal. Swing dancing originated in the 1920’s with Jazz and Swing bands. At the time, was considered rebellious. Every generation has produced a new revival in Swing of some kind because it is so much fun! Originally used as an outlet for pent-up energy, this dance has continued to draw enthusiasts from around the world. If you enjoy dancing then Swing dancing is sure to lift your spirits.

These are just a few of the variations of Swing:


Single Time Swing/Jitterbug – is best suited for music like Big Band, Country, and Rock and Roll. The footwork is very simple. It’s a lot like learning to drive an automatic instead of a stick shift because once you get moving, it’s smooth sailing. This dance style is nothing but fun, fun, fun!


Triple Time Swing – works well with Jazz, Rock and Pop music and is very popular, especially in ballroom dance studios. Modern music is much slower than the old Big Band tunes so this variation is much more commonly taught in general. The style is very free and easy.


Lindy Hop Swing – is a popular version of Swing dancing because of the fun kicks and lifts associated with it. Lindy can also be cool and sophisticated. The most important aspect of it is that you enjoy it! 

West Coast Swing – goes well with Jazz, Rock, Country and even Hip Hop music. It is often danced to more sultry music and tends to have a jazzier, sexier feel than the East Coast Swing and this is reflected in the styling.


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