Halloween Dance Party!

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? This is a great time of year- the weather is cooling down, we’re getting into the holiday season, and it’s time for some treats! Halloween is the perfect excuse to step outside of yourself and become that secret person inside (a super hero or villain, perhaps?). Don’t have a party to go to? No worries, have we got next Saturday, October 19th, booked for you!

Dance FX Studios, known throughout the East Valley region as the leading ballroom social dance studio for Latin, Swing, Country, and Argentine tango private dance lessons and group classes, will be hosting our annual Halloween Costume Dance Party, on Saturday, October 19th, from 8-11 pm. And what a blast this is going to be for everyone who attends! Our students love the chance to get dressed up, dance with each other and our instructors, and participate in our amusing activities. Not a current or previous student? That’s OK- our Halloween bash is for all adults who would like to join in the festivities. For only $15 per person in advance or $20 at the door, this is an inexpensive way to cut loose and be creative this Halloween!

This year, Dance FX Studios is offering the DJ styles of “Kenchel” who will be playing all of your favorite genres of dancing tunes, as well as some classic Halloween favorites! Don’t dance? That’s where we come in to play. Beginner dancers, as well as those who have never danced at all are always welcome. To kick off the party we’re going to have a mini group class to teach you Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance routine. What a blast this will be for everyone! After the Halloween party, you may want to follow up with private dance lessons or group dance classes, focusing on your favorite dances. More holiday parties are around the corner so now is the perfect time to learn to dance.

We will also feature some interactive games to play throughout the night and a Best Costume contest, along with prizes. Costumes are not required, but sure are a lot of fun and, who knows, you may even end up being the winner! Why not just let yourself go and dress up as your favorite movie or television character, something scary, eccentric, or whatever you desire. And, we’ll be providing some spooky treats and chilling refreshments, so if you want a little something to drink or munch on, we’ve got you covered!

At Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, AZ, we know that ballroom social dancing is not an activity that you will use only during the holidays. Many people now realize that they can use their dancing abilities year-round for any occasion. From the ever-popular Country bars to Salsa dance clubs to weddings, knowing how to social dance is a skill that will open up many doors for the everyday person. For couples, dancing gives you something active and romantic to do together, instead of the usual dinner and a movie. For singles, dancing provides an opportunity to meet others in a non-threatening and enjoyable setting. It also gives the guys out there a romantic edge that will set them apart from most of the men out there. Isn’t that a motivating advantage?

So, get your costume together and come join us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona next Saturday night, October 19th, 2013 for our Halloween Costume Dance Party and a night of daunting dancing, mysterious mingling, ghostly games, and all around eerie excitement. We look forward to seeing you at our Halloween party!