Top Three Social Dances In Arizona Today

swing dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaCouples and singles in Arizona… Are you feeling stagnant in your regular 9-5, Monday through Friday, lives? Well then, it might be time to start getting out more often! There are tons of great places to go grab a bite and a drink, but wouldn’t it be fun to go somewhere you can listen to some live music, and maybe even hit the dance floor to burn off some much needed steam? What’s that? You don’t dance? Well you’re missing out! And, since it’s not too late for you to learn, you should also know which dances are in right now, so that you can fit in wherever you go. No, popular dances in Arizona do not include twerking, or doing the Dougie, but they are Country Swing dancing, Salsa  dancing and Two Stepping!

Yes, here in Arizona, we LOVE to partner dance, and with Country bars and Latin Night Clubs all around the Phoenix metro area, it’s time to get signed up for beginner’s dance lessons for adults so you can join in the fun! Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, a social dance studio for adults, we can turn you into a great social dancer in these dance styles and more! Let’s explore each of these cool dances that you need to know if you live in Arizona.

Probably the most spicy dance used – not just here, but in the entire southwest is…Salsa! You have to try it out! It’s sexy, fast paced, fun and playful. Salsa is a hot and steamy dance that will challenge you in the best way possible, while giving you a very close and intimate connection with your partner. A night out Salsa dancing is exhilarating, and often just what is needed to leave your busy week behind and start anew. If you’re single and just want to meet new people who also love to dance, there’s lots of opportunity around town. A night out Salsa dancing can prove very fun indeed. And for couples, salsa dancing can be the start, or end, to a great night of romance and passion.

Another very popular social dance here in Arizona that is loved over many generations is Swing dancing! With swing dancing, once you get started, it’s hard to put it asideSwing dancing is versatile in both look and feel, and can be complimented by many styles of music, from Jazz, to Big Band, Rock and Roll and even Hip Hop music. How can you not love that!? With all of the various styles to explore, Swing dance lessons are a great investment towards your social life.

Country Two Step is without a doubt the most commonly used dance in the Country bars.  Between all of the newest Country dance music you hear on the radio, Swing dance lessons and Country Two Step lessons will get you covered when you’re out Country dancing.  And since it’s nearly impossible to come into any city in Arizona and not find a Country dance bar somewhere, those lessons will really come in handy. When you watch a couple Two Step on the dance floor, you’ll be eager to go out and learn how to do this yourself. Bottom line, Country dancing is easy, relaxing and super fun! If you’re looking to shake off life and put a smile on your face, and you love Country music, then Country dancing is for you!

Still unsure as to what dances you’ll fall in love with? No worries! Come visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ  and see what you excites you. Our incredible dance instructors can show you in person what each one of these dances looks like and how they will benefit you. From there, you can begin your journey to becoming a confident social dancer!

a couple Country Western dancing

Shaping Up For 2015

a couple Country Western dancing in ArizonaThe 2014 holiday season is coming to a close. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re ready to kick those New Year’s resolutions into high gear-especially when it comes to your health. Most of us need a little help getting the ball rolling to make some big changes, but what if I told you that I had a fun, exciting, and even romantic, way to get fit in the next 12 months? What if I also said that this new hobby will expand your social circle, add a LOT of spice to your life and will also give you a major confidence boost? Sounds too good to be true, right?  Get ready for a year filled with a fabulous new you and learn to social dance in 2015! Yes,you can actually dance your way back to a healthier you, and have a blast in the process.

You may be wondering which social dances are right for you, just how dancing will get you into shape and maybe even what exactly social dancing means. It’s almost too good to be true that dancing can have so many benefits!

First, which dances should you learn first in 2015? The most popular social dances to learn this coming year are Country Swing, Salsa and Line Dancing. Country Swing has taken over most Country dance venues as THE dance to know. With all of the cool spins and arm variations to discover, Country Swing is an impressive dance to execute. When you are ready to explore this Country dance, remember to seek out quality Swing dance instruction.While it is an option to learn to Country Swing dance in a bar for free, you will find that you do get  what you pay for, especially in terms of learning a skill such as partner dancing.

In 2015, to accompany the Country Swing, do also explore lively Line dances, including the Wobble Baby and Copperhead Road. Not all Line dances are Country-based these days, so knowing how to do the popular ones will keep you out on the dance floor at weddings and other social gatherings too. Line dancing is worth knowing, regardless of the kind of dance music you enjoy.

Lastly, it is very relevant to know how to Salsa dance these days-especially if you live in the Southwest. Salsa dancing is hot world-wide, though, so learn to Salsa dance and heat up your love life and sense of adventure in the new year! What’s also interesting about Salsa dancing is that it’s actually very easy to learn. Adding those Latin hips are what make it a bit more of a challenge for some, but how fun would it be to push your comfort level in the new year and go beyond even what you thought you could do?!

With all of these social dances, you can burn up to 325 calories per hour! Dancing is so much more fun than going to the gym, and it allows you to do a skill that most only dream of knowing how to do well, while at the same time meeting new friends and broadening your social circle.

All in all, discovering social dancing and pursuing it in 2015 will bring you happiness for years to come. For Arizona couples, singles and even brides and grooms, come learn to Country dance, Latin dance, or even Swing and Line dance with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. Our New Student Offer is a great way to sample out several dances that are appealing to you. Make 2015 one to remember with social dance lessons!



ballroom dance lessons for couples mesa az

Group Ballroom Dance Classes for Couples in Mesa, AZ

Learning to dance is SUCH a great time. As it urns out, social ballroom dancing has countless benefits from getting into shape to relieving stress to becoming more flexible, and even improving your mental health. These benefits can be enjoyed with any type of ballroom dance, be it Jitterbug, Salsa, or Country Two Step. Perhaps you love dancing and want to enjoy dance lessons but can’t afford to invest in private lessons. Lucky for you, Dance FX Studios in Arizona has group dance classes that are tons of fun, and very affordable!

You can enjoy dancing and its many benefits at an affordable rate with group couple’s classes with us! Our studio is located in Mesa on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, just off the 101 freeway, making us accessible and close to Arizonans residing in Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and more! We offer group classes four nights a week, with Country Two Step on Mondays, Salsa on Tuesday, Country Swing on Wednesdays, and Jitterbug Swing on Thursdays. Each class begins at 7 pm and lasts for an hour.

What makes our group classes different from other group classes is that we specialize in social dancing lessons. Not only do our students learn steps and proper frame, they also learn things that are important for being comfortable and confident on any social dance floor, like how to navigate a busy dance floor, how to connect with your partner, and how to be a great leader or follower. Our group classes are limited in size to ensure that each couple gets personal instruction and pointers. With smaller class sizes, each couple gets the most of the progressive course as possible. Our group classes do require pre-registration because the size is limited, so make sure to schedule as soon as you can. No matter which dance you choose to learn, you will get the benefit of these smaller class sizes and become a great social dancer in no time!

Dance FX Studios’ group class instructors implement a progressive class curriculum, meaning that each week the class will build on the previous week’s instruction and progressively add more to the lessons. The instructors also incorporate new material every month, making sure that couples get the most out of their lessons. In our 4-week progressive classes, you build on your dance moves, combinations, and techniques each week for 4 consecutive weeks with the same group of couples.

If you want to learn Salsa, Two Step, Jitterbug, or Country Swing in our group classes, sign up today! You can get the most out of your lessons with our instructors and the progressive curriculum that the classes follow. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing and registering for the group classes, call us today! The new 4 week set of classes begins the week of May 5th, so call or visit our website today and you will be a confident, capable dancer in no time.


Explore Popular Social Dances With Us!

Social ballroom dancing is a handy skill and really cool hobby to have! You can take your dance skills to social settings around the world because dance is a universal language.

Closer to home, here in Arizona, social dancing is very popular as well. At Dance FX Studios, right here in Mesa, AZ, we offer a wide variety of dances, from the sultry Argentine Tango to playful Jitterbug. We also specialize in teaching the skills and steps you will need to go out social dancing and enjoy yourself and your partner, wherever you may be! Our Introductory Offer is a great way to get a taste of just how much you can learn with us, for only $40. You will discuss where you see yourself dancing and you will get out on the floor and start learning some basic steps and dance skills-including how to lead and follow. You can learn any of the dances we offer, but learning a dance that is part of local culture and that many people in the area dance is more to your benefit. If you are wondering which dances are the most useful here in Arizona, we have selected three that are popular in our state.

1.       Salsa Dancing: As a Southwestern state, Arizona has a lot of Latin influence present in its culture. While the architecture, population and food are all visibly (and tastily!) influenced, the social scene is influenced as well. Latin dance clubs are popular, and the most prevalent dance at these clubs is typically Salsa. For the full Latin affect and to be able to dance the night away at any club, be sure to learn Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha as well! Latin dance lessons are wonderful for couples wanting to spice things up, but they are great for singles as well! Latin dances are an excellent way to come out of your shell and explore other parts of your personality. You can embrace you inner flirt and learn to love your sensual side! We can help you shimmy your way to the Latin club floors, boosting your confidence and social calendar in the process!

2. Swing Dancing: Swing dancing is another must-have dance if you live near Phoenix, Arizona. One great thing about Swing dancing is its versatility. When you learn to Swing dance, you will be able to dance to any fast-paced music from Country to Rock and Roll to Big Band. Consistent Swing lessons will give you the skills you need to be able to step on any dance floor with fun and impressive turns, keeping you on the floor all night long! Any single or couple is sure to enjoy Swing dancing. It is especially great because it is playful versatile! You will notice a boost in your mood and energy when you take lessons with us.

3. Country Two Step Dancing: Arizona is definitely known as cowboy state. Country Two Step dancing is vital if you want to enjoy the local Country dance scene. Country dance venues are prevalent all over the Phoenix East Valley. The Country dance scene is thriving, so don’t postpone this fun any longer and start your lessons today! Whether you want to wrangle the Cowboy or Cowgirl of your dreams or you and your partner want to learn to boogie the night away, our excellent instructors, unique way of teaching and impressive music selection are sure to get you dancing in no time.

If you haven’t learned to Salsa, Swing or Two Step in AZ yet, it’s never too late. For dance lessons as a couple or a single in any of these popular dances and more, Dance FX Studios is the place for you! We offer both couple’s group dance classes in each of the styles above and private dance lessons in many styles. For the last 12 years, we have created thousands of amazing social dancers- you can be next! 

Let’s Swing!

You have been thinking about learning to Swing dance, but it seems that something always comes up. You never seem to have the time, or maybe you’re just not sure how to get started. In addition, there are so many styles of Swing dances that you just aren’t sure which dance you would like to learn.  To get started with Swing dance lessons, we recommend that you give the Jitterbug a try.  This is a ballroom Swing dance that is very versatile and which many people enjoy.

When Swing dancing, you just can’t help smiling and having a great time! With over 24 variations of the Swing to choose from, it can be confusing as to which style is right for you. We suggest beginning with East Coast/Jitterbug Swing dance lessons for several reasons. First, you can dance the Jitterbug Swing to Rock and Roll, Country and Big Band music. How cool is that! Also, it’s the easiest of all of the Swing dance variations because it has fewer steps when compared to other styles.


Swing dancing is exciting, energetic, and because there are so many Swing dance tempos and styles, it is used everywhere from weddings to bars. The rhythm of the dance, as mentioned above, lends itself well to a large number of musical styles from Jazz to Big Band, Country, Blues, Rock and Roll and oldies, making Swing a must-have dance! While each style has its own features, in general it is the ideal dance for any social occasion. Swing dancing is quite popular and can encourage even non-dancers to tap their feet and move to the music.


Whether you learn to Jitterbug, Jive, West Coast or Lindy Hop, they all fall under the general term of Swing dancing. Swing is a fun-loving dance that makes people happy! It is truly an American dance that has world-wide appeal. Swing dancing originated in the 1920’s with Jazz and Swing bands. At the time, was considered rebellious. Every generation has produced a new revival in Swing of some kind because it is so much fun! Originally used as an outlet for pent-up energy, this dance has continued to draw enthusiasts from around the world. If you enjoy dancing then Swing dancing is sure to lift your spirits.

These are just a few of the variations of Swing:


Single Time Swing/Jitterbug – is best suited for music like Big Band, Country, and Rock and Roll. The footwork is very simple. It’s a lot like learning to drive an automatic instead of a stick shift because once you get moving, it’s smooth sailing. This dance style is nothing but fun, fun, fun!


Triple Time Swing – works well with Jazz, Rock and Pop music and is very popular, especially in ballroom dance studios. Modern music is much slower than the old Big Band tunes so this variation is much more commonly taught in general. The style is very free and easy.


Lindy Hop Swing – is a popular version of Swing dancing because of the fun kicks and lifts associated with it. Lindy can also be cool and sophisticated. The most important aspect of it is that you enjoy it! 

West Coast Swing – goes well with Jazz, Rock, Country and even Hip Hop music. It is often danced to more sultry music and tends to have a jazzier, sexier feel than the East Coast Swing and this is reflected in the styling.


Are you ready to get Swinging? Dance FX Studios, near Tempe and Chandler, is located in Mesa. We are here to get you going on this new venture with private ballroom dance lessons and prepare you to be able to dance anywhere for any occasion. Dance FX Studios We have helped thousands of students become proficient dancers in Swing dancing and beyond. You can begin with Swing dance lessons for yourself or you and a partner with our Introductory Special of only $40! This one hour private Swing dance lesson is a great way to check out our studio and to be introduced to our exclusive method of teaching. One hour is all it takes to show you how easy and exciting learning to dance can be for anyone! From there, we will show you fun turns and twists to keep you on the dance floor all night long! What are you waiting for? It’s time to dance!