How to Create the Perfect Wedding Dance

ballroom lessons phoenixWould you like the dance of your dreams for your wedding day, but are afraid that you can’t pull it off? Of course you can…with a little help from your local dance studio for adults.

Forget the eighth grade prom sway and imagine something much, much cooler. It’s your big day and the sky is the limit! Go ahead and rock your reception with a steamy salsa dance or a tantalizing tango, or how about a Country swing dance to knock their socks off? If you can picture it, certainly a professional dance instructor can bring your vision to life.

Now you’ve got the daunting task of researching a ballroom dance studio that offers Wedding Dance Lessons. Once you find one, start with a Wedding Dance Consultation to connect with a professional, check out the studio and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Then the fun part begins…learning to dance!

As a professional ballroom instructor with over two decades of experience choreographing wedding routines for brides and grooms, I can say with confidence that the journey for couples who are learning their wedding dance together is nothing short of fabulous. These couples in love get to discover a new, romantic hobby that will keep them connected both on and off the dance floor. And it’s quite the fun time to instruct such happy pairs!

As with anything, there can be a few bumps in the road when the lessons begin. Creating the ideal wedding dance does not come over night, and definitely not within a lesson or two. The first challenge of any twosome who discovers partner dancing is understanding roles on the dance floor. In ballroom dancing, be it salsa, swing or two step, the man is the lead on the dance floor, and the woman follows. This can be tricky for a “modern” woman who may be used to moving herself on the dance floor, who may have a dance background in ballet, cheer or jazz, or simply for one that is not in the habit of waiting to be told what to do by her man. Once she sees how fun it can be to truly be led around the dance floor, though, dancing together becomes much more exciting!

A second challenge that wedding couples may experience is what kind of music they would enjoy dancing to for their first dance. If she likes Country music and he’s a fan of Heavy Metal (this was one of my recent wedding couples), there could be a disconnect between what song they ultimately choose to perform to for their first dance. Have no fear…your instructor should have a variety of wedding dance songs to choose from that will hopefully please you both.

Lastly, when it comes to taking Wedding Dance Lessons, my best advice is: plan accordingly. Learning to dance is like learning a new language. It can and will take time, so start taking lessons as soon as possible in preparation for your big day. The cake and flowers can be ordered fairly easily, but picking up a new skill will require a bit more. Through it all, keep in mind that dance lessons for couples are a fantastic way to de-stress during the hectic planning of a wedding-especially for the bride. Plus, you’ll have a new talent that you can use on date nights and when you head out to your friend’s weddings in the future.

Enjoy the experience of learning to ballroom dance. It’s a blast! Your friends and family will be envious of what you know, and the dance you create will be surely be treasured by those you love for years to come.