“Rock Your Reception” With the Perfect Wedding Dance!

wedding dance classes Mesa ArizonaWhat is your ideal wedding dance? Is it a Cinderella fairy tale, a Star Wars adventure or a dramatic Argentine tango? If so, let’s rock your reception with an incredible First Dance routine that will knock the socks off of your friends and family!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom did the idle “prom sway” for five minutes to their favorite love song? Was it so boring that you almost forgot that their dance even happened six months later? Did you vow to yourself right then and there that you would definitely not do the same when it was your turn? If so, you know how important it is to give your friends and family a wedding dance to remember. Why leave them bored stiff when you can wow them with an unexpected and exciting dance they will never forget!

Now, the dance of your dreams is up to you. What’s your personal style? Here are a couple of ideas to get that mind to work on what kind of dance you would like to perform for your loved ones.

The “Fairy Tale” Wedding Dance: Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story? Make your wedding dance elegant and flowy while Prince Charming sweeps you off your feet. Sounds amazing! With Wedding Dance Lessons from a local ballroom dance studio, you’ll be shining on the dance floor in no time.

To get started on this dance of a lifetime, I suggest you begin by sifting through your favorite Disney movie soundtracks. These tunes will surely bring back memories, and you’ll find your favorite song before long. But don’t stop there. Keep searching and come to your first dance lesson with at least three wedding song options, just to be safe. While some songs may sound great, they may not be easy to dance to, and that can be very disappointing if you don’t have at least one or two back up ideas in mind.

You really can’t go wrong with a “Cinderella” wedding dance, especially if it aligns well with your overall wedding theme/feel. It is sure to be a big hit, and will definitely be a key piece of your big day that everyone will keep close to their hearts as they look back on your wedding.

The “Unexpected” Wedding Dance: Some of us are more shy than others. If you’re really looking to throw your friends and family for a loop, try something unexpected, like a Salsa dance, Country Swing dance, or a Hip Hop performance. Or how about a medley of all three!? It’s great fun to sit down and expect the rocking back and forth sways and instead watch people that you love perform a dance that they have put effort and time into doing.

Hey, you don’t have to be shy to put on a show that your guests will not expect, but how fun would it be to reveal your inner dancer on your wedding day? The “unexpected” wedding dance is always a fantastic option, as long as you’re being guided by a professional dance instructor. With Wedding dance lessons, you will get a customized, choreographed first dance that will be a wonderful surprise to all!

The “Dramatic” Wedding Dance: Leave a lasting impression on your wedding day with a passionate Argentine Tango first dance. If you’re hosting an elegant and classy wedding, this is a top choice to tie your wedding theme and your first dance together perfectly. Argentine Tango dance lessons for your wedding will not only give you an amazing wedding dance, but you and your fiancé will also have sexy moves that you can do for the rest of your lives together. I always say, “A couple that dances together, stays together”, so why not learn something as cool as the tango?

Now that you have a few wedding dance options to consider, it’s time to set up a Wedding Dance Consultation to get the ball rolling. When should you start preparing? I say as soon as possible! It’s never too early to begin learning to dance together. Look your best by giving yourselves plenty of time and making your first dance a priority. You’ll definitely be glad you did!