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Slow Dancing: The Key to Her Heart

romantic ballroom dance coupleThe music quiets, the lights dim. Suddenly, it’s time to slow down on the dance floor and hold your sweetie tight. But wait! All you know how to do is the 7th grade prom sway. Now what?

Slow dancing is often overlooked as something that “we can just fake our way through”. When it comes down to it, though, dancing slowly to your favorite romantic jams can be quite fun-especially if you know what you’re doing. Think of such sexy and passionate dances as the Argentine Tango, Foxtrot, or the Bolero. Yes. There are different types of slow dances appropriate for different music or venues. Conveniently, some slow dances such as the Bolero are extremely versatile and can be danced to a variety of songs! How cool would it be to know how to dance these cool and popular social dances? Imagine how your love life will improve with more chances to be intimate on (and off) the dance floor.

Sadly, many people don’t realize the value of slow dancing. Besides the romantic factor, dancing the Tango, Waltz and other slow ballroom dances offers a multitude of benefits from improved balance and coordination, to confidence and stress relief. Both couples and singles can reap the rewards of these elegant and detailed dances, making them must-haves in your dancing tool belt. While it’s great to know upbeat dances like the Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa, diversity is the key to keeping her interested in staying on the dance floor with her man. Fast dancing is fun, but slow dancing leaves time for a cozy connection.

The first step to knowing these helpful and intriguing dances is to sign up for private dance lessons at your local ballroom dance studio. Depending on what kind of dancers you ultimately want to become (social versus competitive), try out an Introductory Dance Lesson at a studio or two in your area. Phoenix, Arizona residents can visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa for our New Student Offer: 2-thirty minute private social dance lessons for just $25 total. At Dance FX Studios, we will prepare you to dance at any social event or occasion with confidence and ease. So, definitely get started with those fun and exciting dances like the Swing and Salsa, but don’t forget to add at least one romantic dance to be prepared for that inevitable slow song that will ignite the flame with your special someone.

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