Kick Up Your Heels and Dance!

social dancing in Mesa AZHi! Charlotte again … on my mind at this moment is health. Why health? Because just about everyone I know is, or has a family member, who has some kind of ailment or disease right now. The most minor of complaint you hear all the time, maybe even express out loud yourself: “I am so stressed out!” Here is the thing about stress, studies show it lowers the immune system, and when the immune system is not operating at optimum efficiency, guess what? Yes, that’s right, the door is open for an illness to come right in and begin affecting our lives in negative ways. There is nothing more important that enjoying good health, having energy and feeling excellent well-being.

You may be asking yourself what does this topic have to do with Dance FX Studios? Easy, dancing has all kinds of benefits aside from the obvious – exercise! It’s the perfect activity for those who do not enjoy gym work-outs or consider themselves sporty. Practicing dance, even one time per week, increases muscle mass and more muscle means you burn more calories at rest, reducing body fat. Creating stronger bones and muscles fends off osteoporosis and so does attention to good posture. Learning to dance also increases hand-eye movement coordination which makes you less clumsy and more agile. Dancing increases flexibility and keeps joints healthy by stimulating parts of your body not regularly utilized by our everyday routine. Regular dancing also reduces stress levels, improves relaxation and improves mood. Studies have found that learning new activities, especially those which utilize both sides of the brain, improves memory retention and stimulates the areas of the brain that promote rapid thinking. Last, two critical areas, something that everyone seems lacking today, energy and sleep: both increased by regular exercise activities like dancing!

Aside from the numerous health benefits there are many other positive reasons to pick up this fun hobby. Knowing how to dance and dance confidently can help you meet new people and make friends. Trying new styles of dance like Salsa, Argentine Tango or other Latin Styles can introduce you to other cultures, even taste new culinary delights. This builds communication skills and allows you to meet people you might otherwise miss out knowing by staying within your normal circle of friends and routines.

Learning a new hobby like dance is a fun way to open us up to new possibilities, increasing self-esteem. For those who own their own business or whose careers rely on increasing networking opportunities, taking your new dance steps out to clubs or social events while enjoying increased confidence may boost sales, widen your customer base as well as lead to new career opportunities.

So now that you have heard all the great ways that learning social dancing can aide you and family members in lowering stress and removing illness from your lives, let me introduce you to all the various dance styles that you might pick as your choice to learn as your new hobby! Our amazing instructors here at Dance FX Studios will help you learn any of the following and more including: Country Two-Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, Night-Club Two-Step, Jitterbug, Foxtrot, Social Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Bachata and our signature dance Argentine Tango.

Are you ready to change your life for the positive? More importantly, are you ready for some fun?!?! Yes? Guess what? Learning to dance and then heading out to the dance clubs and impressing all your friends with your exciting and stylized dance moves is FUN! Great FUN!

SO what are you waiting for?  Put on your dancing shoes, sexy black heals, Cowboy boots or whatever comfortable shoes you have and stop, step or stomp into Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! We are on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe. Our close neighborhoods are Tempe, Chandler and just a few minutes further, Scottsdale! Feel like you have two left feet? No worries, we will show you how easy it is to move past that idea on your first lesson! Let us help improve your health and begin changing your life today for the better! Give us a call at480.968.6177 or visit our website for details!