Swing Into The Holidays With Dance Lessons!

couple salsa dancing in ArizonaIn just two short months, your calendar will surely be filled with one holiday party after another! How are you going to even keep up with all of the functions you have, from work parties to that cousin’s wedding to neighborhood gatherings?! It’s a daunting time of the year for many of us. So what do you need to get you through these most stressful times? Why, social ballroom dance lessons, of course! Think of how cool it would be to actually know how to Salsa, Swing or Country Two Step by New Year’s Eve. Wouldn’t that open up lots more fun activities to do with friends or your special someone, rather than hanging out at a bar drinking? Social ballroom dancing offers up more just fun during these next few months.

Believe it or not, the holidays can be a depressing time for people. It could trigger memories of loved ones lost, or even a sense of loneliness. Don’t let the holiday blues take over your life this year. Gain control of what you do to keep yourself in a happy place mentally. While watching movies with a bowl of popcorn does always sound relaxing, social dancing can take you away from those inner thoughts that can weigh you down. While on the dance floor in your private dance lessons, you can get caught up enjoying your new hobby, not on times past that may get you down. Dance away those negative thoughts and give back to yourself in a way that is healthy both mentally and physically.

Speaking of staying physical during the holidays, Latin, Swing and Ballroom dance lessons will keep you moving all season long! That equals more calories burned and less worrying about gaining those unwanted holiday pounds. Now you can sneak that extra cookie without feeling guilty (who has time for guilt!?). Dancing will keep your muscles toned and your body warm and toasty during the cool winter months. How great is that! Plus, an active body in combination with a distracted mind, makes dancing perfect for an emotionally balanced YOU during the holidays.

Being emotionally prepared for the holidays is key. With relatives visiting for extended stays in your guest room and holiday gift shopping to do, things can get overwhelming. A retreat to a dance lesson could be exactly what you need to maintain your sanity! Finding creative ways to unwind during this busy season will make all the difference to your own peace of mind and for those around you. No one likes a grumpy mom at Thanksgiving dinner. Sneaking away for a fun Swing dance lesson will also help you to stay connected with your sweetie when the house is being overrun by grandma and grandpa.

For those of you who live in Phoenix, Arizona, we have you covered this holiday season at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Give our Newcomers Offer for Private Dance Lessons a try to see how we can keep you in shape mentally, physically and emotionally this winter season. You can find us in the Phoenix East Valley on the southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe Rd. Don’t wait for the holiday blues to kick in. Give us a call today and we’ll make this season a blast for you!

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