Must-Know Dances For Those Holiday Parties

salsa dance lessons in ArizonaYes! With Halloween at the end of this week, we are officially in the 2014 holiday season. Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, all of those holiday parties for work and pleasure will be filling up your weekend evenings. Unlike the past years, meet this season with confidence and learn to social dance! Not only will social ballroom dancing get you through the holidays, but dancing is a hobby that you can use year-round. Think Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your anniversary, that first date, etc… So the question is, with limited time until the holidays hit, what dances should I learn first? Here are our recommendations:

Line Dancing! Line dancing is hot, hot, hot right now, and it has been for a decade or more. With Country dancing also being wildly popular in recent years, Line dancing is a must-have to get you through those holiday parties. The most popular Line dances that we suggest you learn include Wobble Baby, Copperhead Road and the Electric Slide. The Cupid Shuffle is also key to have for those upcoming weddings, nights at the Country bars and seasonal events. What’s so great about Line dancing? Well, it’s easy, fun, and you don’t need a partner to get out there and play! If you’re on the shy side, but you still want to bust a move, go straight to the middle of the pack so all eyes won’t be on you as you let the crowd fill in around you. Line Dancing classes can be found in local Country bars, but if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, come learn from the pros at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. We will get you moving in no time!

Swing Dancing! Swing dancing is an essential dance to know any time of year. Why? Swing dance music is versatile and covers many genres from Country to Big Band, Rock and Roll and even Disco! So, if you want to get out and shake your groove thing to your favorite tunes, learn to Swing dance! We also love Swing dancing because it’s upbeat, exciting and playful. Swing dancing increases your heart rate and can keep off those holiday pounds that creep up on us while we’re snuggling on the couch watching another day of “A Christmas Story” re-runs. Keep active this holiday season with Swing dance lessons. You’ll tick off the need to lose 10 pounds come January and have a skill that you can use for a lifetime.

Salsa Dancing! Who doesn’t wish they knew how to Salsa dance?! It’s sexy, fun and provocative-great for couples who want to reignite that flame, and for singles who are ready to mingle! Learning to dance Salsa is actually quite easy too! What makes it a bit tricky is getting into character as you transform into a Latin lover. 🙂 In the meantime, get ready for your holiday parties with Salsa dance lessons. You’ll be able to dance Salsa to Hip Hop music and popular Latin beats. Salsa dancing is also great for shedding inevitable holiday weight and staying fit through the season.

Phoenix residents, join us at Dance FX Studios and discover the benefits of social dancing! We will keep you sane through the holidays with dance lessons for couples and singles. You’re going to need a way to relieve stress and take care of yourself, and dancing is the recipe for both. Enjoy our Newcomer’s Offer, discounted holiday dance packages and other dance deals and gift card promotions from now through December 2014. We will help you to stay healthy, fit and trim during the holidays as well as relaxed. Get started today! You deserve it!