All About Country Dancing in Arizona

Country dancing in ArizonaCountry dancing-it’s HUGE here in Arizona, and has been for a few years now! From the Country Swing to the Two Step, Waltz, Line Dancing and Nite Club slow dance, Country dancing in Arizona is here to stay. And why shouldn’t it stick around for a while? We’ve got the Cowboys (and Cowgirls). We’ve got amazing Country bars and great Country bands in almost every major city of Phoenix. The only thing most Arizonans need to learn now is how to Country dance so everyone can enjoy the dance floor safely and have a blast Two Stepping into the night.

Sitting on the sidelines can one day be a thing of the past with Country dance lessons.  Most everyone who goes to Country bars wants to join in the fun, but many simply haven’t been taught well enough to get out there with confidence. Here’s what you need to know about Country dancing in Arizona.

1. You can’t learn to dance just by watching someone else. While many people are visual learners, there is a lot to knowing how to Country dance well. For instance, how to lead and follow (communicate the moves that you want her to do), how to stay within a reasonable amount of space to be mindful of others, and, the biggie, how to dance on time with the music (we’ll get to that one in a second). Partner dancing is a skill that does not revolve around memorizing steps and patterns. Guys and gals… get a few Country dance lessons under your belt, even if they are semi-private dance lessons to keep the cost down, so that you can learn great dancing tips on how to be successful in the bars. The fun tricks seem cool at the time with a few drinks in your system, but at the end of the day, they are not safe or respectful of others out socially.

2. There IS a way to stay on time with Country music. Knowing which dance to do to which rhythm is critical. Each dance has a particular count to it that, if adhered to, makes you a dancer that can move to the the music, rather than being all over the place and off beat. County Swing is a bit faster than Country Two Step, for example, so knowing when to apply each dance to the songs that are being played are an essential part of the process of learning to dance.

3. Versatility is key. Avoid being a “one-trick pony” by doing the same dance steps to the same tempo to every song. With Country dance lessons, you can learn some cool moves to use when the music quiets and different ones to use when it builds. Having an arsenal of moves in your tool belt makes you a versatile and unpredictable dancer. If you couple that with a great lead, guys, you will be very much in demand. wink.

Social Country dancing is indeed a wonderful hobby with so many benefits to offer once you know how to do it well. From health benefits to keeping a smile on your face, dancing can lift your spirits in so many ways. For East Valley Phoenix residents, come try out Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer for Country dance lessons. We will teach you how to move around those crowded dance floors with ease while staying on time to the music and having FUN! Contact us today by calling 480-968-6177 or filling out the form below. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor soon!


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