5 Ways to Prepare for a Night of Country Dancing

country swing dance lessons arizonaWould you like to make plans to go out Country dancing in the near future? Sounds like a great plan! Country dancing is super hot right now, so why not join in the fun?! You can always head out to your local Country dance venue and check out the scene, but preparing is nice too-especially when it comes to delving into something new, like dancing.

Here are just five ways to prepare for an night of Country dancing.


1. Get some good rest!

Sleep is so underrated. Overlooking it all week and then expecting to be fresh and alert on your Friday or Saturday night out dancing is simply unrealistic. Instead, plan accordingly. Take a nap prior to venturing out to your favorite Country bar, or go to bed the night before you expect to be Swing dancing and Two Stepping into the wee hours. Country dancing can be taxing for newcomers, as you will be using muscles that you may not even know that you had, so do yourself the favor of getting some good rest in advance.

2. Take Swing Dance Lessons!

How great would it be if you knew how to Country dance before you went out Country dancing with your friends? What I’ve noticed is, more often than not, people need to go out dancing a handful of times before they break down and realize that formal instruction would really help. Private Country Dance Lessons at your local dance studio for adults are amazing for building your confidence and giving you the tools and tips that you need to really look and feel your best on the dance floor.

Have you considered playing 18 holes of golf without one lesson first? Most people would say no. Dancing requires very much the same skill level as golf. Now before I go on, don’t let that detract you from learning to dance. Any skill worth having takes time. And, once you know how to Country dance well, your nights will be filled with laughter, fun, new friendships and time off the couch! Netflix can wait, people. Dancing will keep you young, healthy and keep your spirits soaring-it’s a fact!

3. Be open to new experiences.

Country dancing can be intimidating. You may go out dancing one night and bomb on every dance. It may be the people you’re dancing with, or you could be feeling “off”. Regardless, go with the flow. New experiences are bound to arise that you may not expect-especially when you’re out Country dancing! One thing that comes to mind is being dipped or flipped without permission. To avoid this, ladies, please scope out the dance floor before accepting a dance from anyone you don’t know. While I suggest staying open to new adventures, you never want to be moved in a way that requires lots of practice with one particular partner without having that time in advance. Surprise dips usually don’t end well, so put your safety first while without sacrificing your good time. 🙂

New experiences, though, may include joining in on a Line dance or two throughout the evening for the first time. Line dancing is super-easy to catch on to, and you can stand in the middle so you always have someone to watch as you’re learning. Plus, no one can see you when you’re in the center of the floor, you no worries on being spotted as a newcomer.

4. Find the right venue.

Not every Country dance venue is the same.  Some have a dance floor that is the size of a postage stamp. Some dance floors are really slippery, or are covered with sawdust or peanuts. If you’re going strictly to dance-especially for the first few times, check out the floor ahead of time. Maybe grab a friend and have a drink, then go back and dance on another night. Or if the floor looks good, go for it! Make sure you’ve got enough space and that you’re comfortable wherever you end up. Then you’re sure to be able and relax instead of freak out when it comes to getting out there and Swing dancing for the first time.

5. Bring your boots!

Boots are kind of essential when it comes to Country dancing. Again, going back to the golf analogy, you wouldn’t want to golf with a stick, right? Then please don’t plan to go out dancing in flip flops, tennis shoes or high heels. Leave those for the beach or the Latin club you may want to attend when you’re going out Salsa dancing next weekend. When you’re out Country dancing though, boots, and comfortable clothing, are all you need. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona with me, there are several good boot stores to check out, including Boot Barn and Saba’s. Then you’ll be go!

Country dancing is truly a blast! I hope you set up a beginner’s Country dance lesson so you can see all the fun you’ll be able to have once you feel more self-assured in your Two Step and Swing skills. From there, you can bet you’ll be having lots of fantastic experiences out around town.

If you are thinking about going out Country dancing for the first time, I hope you have found these tips to be helpful. What is something you have thought about that would make your first few times venturing out even easier? I’d love to get your feedback below!