Country Thunder 2016 is Coming Soon!

Country dance lessons in ArizonaArizona Cowboys and Cowgirls, grab your boots and get ready for one of the biggest Country events in AZ of the year…Country Thunder 2016! Are you ready!!?? There’s only one way to really get prepared for a four-day party like this, and that’s by learning how to Country dance!

If you haven’t started taking dance lessons yet, now’s the time. With less than two months to go, it’s not too late to look great on that dance floor.

If you happen to live in the Phoenix East Valley, come visit us at Dance FX Studios to get started with beginner’s Country Western dance lessons. We teach couples and singles how to Country dance six days a week, and we’d love to make you feel and look incredible by April for Country Thunder 2016 too.

The best way to get started with Country dance lessons is by trying out our New Student Offer for only $25. This rate is good for a single or a twosome, so you really can’t go wrong. In your introductory dance lesson, you will get useful tips on how to lead and follow, how to hold you partner properly on the dance floor, how to connect with anyone while you’re dancing, and how to do the basics of several Country dances! That’s a lot in an hour, so come prepared for fun and to learn!

“Which dances will I learn?,” you may be wondering. Great question! You will definitely need to know how to Two Step. There are several versions of the Two Step, so it would be good to explore a few styles. That way you can fit in anywhere.

Country Swing dancing is also very hot right now. Once you know how to Swing dance, all those fast songs will be easy to dance along with! There’s a ton of Country Swing dance moves, spins and dips that are a blast to know, so we can’t leave this popular dance behind.

There are many more Country dances, from the Waltz to West Coast (another Swing dance style), but I would say that if you know how to Two Step dance and Country Swing dance, your bases will be covered for Country Thunder.

Dance FX Studios borders both Chandler and Tempe, and is located just off the 101 highway in Mesa, AZ. We are in our 15th year as a local dance studio that has served the entire Phoenix valley since 2001. We specialize in social dancing only, not competitive ballroom dancing, so getting ready for events from weddings to holiday parties to Country Thunder is our forte. Come check us out and be ready for any exciting opportunity that comes your way. Social dancing is a blast to learn and even more fun to use! To get started, call us today at 480-968-6177. We hope to see YOU on the dance floor!