How to Meet New Friends Through Social Dancing

Country dancing near Chandler AZWith hectic schedules and rare pockets of free time, many people these days are choosing to meet, and even date and marry, after connecting with each other online. Thanks to modern technology, we can find others with similar interests, like social dancing, at the click of an button. How wonderful! When it comes to loving to dance, though, there’s an even easier way to start new friendships. Grab a buddy, or head over solo to a local Country bar, Jazz lounge or Latin dance club and see how simple it can be to make friends with other dancers.

Generally speaking, people who love to social dance are very open to meeting other dancers. It gives both parties a chance to find someone new, fun and interesting to enjoy time with on the dance floor, and off the floor as well. With social dancing as a common interest, you will have lots to talk about, from the most comfortable Cowboy boots to dance in, to the trendy new Salsa dance clubs in town.

If you have thought about how nice it would be to have more friends, and you haven’t learned to dance yet, now’s your chance. Country, Swing and Latin dancing is the perfect way to socialize without it being awkward, since everyone is out to have a great time and let go of their stresses.

Now that you see how fun and easy it can be to connect with others just by knowing how to dance, it’s time for you to learn to Two Step, Swing or Salsa dance! To begin, I recommend contacting a local adult dance studio that offers social dance lessons for singles and/or couples.

The studio you find may offer both Group Dance Classes and Private Dance Lessons. I am going to encourage you to start the right way with Private Dance Lessons. After 20 years of instructing, I know that it is only through Private Dance Lessons that you can learn in a way that is not only specific to how you think, but will also put you on the fast track to becoming a confident social dancer. As a single, you will dance directly with your instructor, so they can give you exact feedback on what you will need to feel and look your best. That’s what every new dancer needs to succeed! 🙂

While Group Dance Classes sound like a fun way to meet others, it can be a very frustrating learning environment for singles. One, there may not be an even amount of leaders and followers in the class, potentially leaving you, or someone else, out on the sidelines waiting for a dance partner. Also, you will be joining in a class with others who will be at different levels in their dancing. Some may have taken five classes, while you’re on your first. This will either make you feel pressured to catch up, which usually makes for an overwhelming experience, or will make someone else have to go slower that they hoped, while you’re catching up to them. Either way, I have found Group Dance Classes to be great supplements to your dancing after you have taken the time to learn to dance one-on-one with a qualified social dance instructor.

Regardless of your age or situation, social dancing will lift your spirits, add joy to your life and is a wonderful, timeless hobby. Expand your social circle in a healthy and exciting way-just by learning to dance, and give yourself a chance to pick up a new skill that will forever enhance your life. You’re worth it!