Broaden Your Horizons and Dance!

Arizona social dancingI’m sitting at an empty table outside of Jamba Juice and Starbucks. It’s blazing hot out here in Mesa, Arizona, and I’m second-guessing my choice of location to write. I just finished talking with two guys inside Jamba. I commented on the band playing over the stereo system. Neither one was familiar with the band I’ve mentioned. However, being the music junkie I am, I had to convince these random strangers they were missing out on something magical. I’m fairly confident my mission failed, but it got me thinking… It’s really difficult to engage with people these days! Meeting people who capture your attention is hardly a common occurrence. As a single, some days you wonder to yourself, where am I ever going to meet someone? It seems like there are few good outlets for singles to meet. It becomes discouraging at times. Then I got to thinking, one of the best ways I have gotten to meet new people is through social dancing.

Country dancing is where my social dancing experience all started. I remember going out to a bar shortly after arriving home from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I walked up to the dance floor, and stared in amazement at the people spinning round and round each other. It was that awkward prom scene. You know, that one where all the dorky girls stand around begging the heavens that someone would ask them to dance. Only I was standing around mentally laughing at the thought of myself dancing with another human being. The irony is the heavens must have been listening, because literally as the thought crossed my mind, a man asked me to dance. Nervous as could be, I accepted the offer, but politely warned the gentlemen I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully he accepted the challenge, and I had a great time. He was an incredible teacher and leader, and I made a new friend too.

When I continue down this thought process of why all singles should social dance, a couple things come to mind. The first is taking chances— risks. They cause us to grow. They sometimes make us uncomfortable too, but in the end it’s all for the greater good. You go new places, try new steps and combinations with people you’ve never met before, and you become better! It takes practice and work to reach any goal. You build up your confidence doing this too. With every night out you become more comfortable in your own dancing shoes. You stand a little taller because you now have skills! Skills that few people have, but so many want and desire. Haven’t you ever wanted to learn to Country Two Step or Swing dance? It’s so cool when you actually get to hit the dance floor and kick up your heels! You end up making new friends with people who share a common interest with you. And who knows, maybe one of those friends will become something more one day? Since my first night out Country dancing, I have met so many cool people. They come from all different backgrounds and are a blast to be around.

Country dancing has opened a new door for me; one with so many benefits and perks. Social dancing in Arizona is not limited to Country dancing either. If Country isn’t your style, try Swing dancing or Salsa dancing! If you aren’t sure where to start, Dance FX Studios knows how to teach social dancing better than anyone in the Phoenix Valley. We love individuals with goals. We love having fun, and we also love developing confident dancers to go out and make their dreams a reality. Let us help! We have a steal of an Introductory Offer for beginners’ dance lessons. It’s just $25, and it will get you started down the road to becoming a confident social dancer before long.