Why Country Dance Lessons are Great for Couples

Country dance lessons in ArizonaAre you a little bit Country, but your boyfriend is more Rock-n-Roll? That’s OK! Let’s talk about something perfect for both of you to enjoy together… Country dancing! And what do you need to become awesome Country dancers? Well, Country Dance Lessons, of course.

Country dancing is so hot right now, that if you don’t know how to Two Step or Swing dance, you’re really missing out. While other twosomes are spinning and twirling out on the dance floor, you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines wishing you knew how to do what they can do. Now that’s no fun! Even worse, she’ll begin accepting dances from other guys and you’ll be bellied up to the bar with your beer all night.

With Country Dance Lessons for beginners under your belt, you’ll have the confidence to take your gal out anywhere, anytime. You’ll see through private dance instruction, which is the best way to learn in my opinion, that all the questions on how Country dancing works can be answered. For example, and this is a biggie, “How do I get her to spin comfortably?” is a common question that guys need to know. With one-on-one lessons, you will learn to lead on the dance floor as a guy, and how to follow, as the lady. With that skill alone, you can do anything. How empowering is that!? I would say it’s the key to a successful night out Country dancing!

For couples, Country dancing can also bring you closer together. (Who knew??) When you take lessons to explore exciting Country dances, from the Two Step to the ever-popular Country Swing, you will discover how to work together as a team. This effort alone will be a fun challenge that will allow you to both accomplish your goals on the dance floor. From there, you can really have a blast Country Western dancing!

And let’s not forget the physical perks of going out dancing on the weekends. When you put down the ice cream and pry yourselves off the couch, you can burn up to 500 calories and hour Country dancing. You will also be using muscles that you didn’t know you had, so be prepared to shed a few pounds and gain some muscle…on your date night with your sweetie! Bonus!

Lastly, dancing is romantic. Whether you’re giving Country dancing a try, or learning how to Salsa dance, you will be doing it together, in each other’s arms. There’s really nothing more intimate than that when it comes to an incredible date night with one another.

In case you’re wondering, “What exactly is Country Dancing?”, let me help.  Like a lot of other current popular dances, Country dancing developed from folk dances to become one of the top social partner dances in the United States today. If Country music is being played, and it is often these days, you’ve got to know how to blend in with the handful of dances are “in” today, including Country Two Step, Country Swing, Line Dancing, West Coast Swing, Nite Club Two Step and Country Waltz. Each of these unique styles will keep you busy on your dance lessons as you become well-rounded and competent dancers.

There’s no doubt that knowing how to Country dance will come in handy if you live here in Arizona. Being that there’s a Country bar on virtually every corner, you can use your dancing almost 7 days a week!  If you are interested in getting started with Country Dance Lessons to build your confidence before getting out on the dance floor, then give us a call! As I mentioned, Private Country Dance Lessons are the fastest way to become a great social dancer, especially since each lesson will be personalized to you. Not only will we get you and your partner Two Stepping in no time, but you will soon see all the fun you’ve been missing. To set up an Introductory Country Dance Lesson, check out our website, or give us a call today at 480-968-6177. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

How Country Dancing Began…

rsz_1rsz_nagel2Giddy up ladies and gentleman! Cowboys and cowgirls across the nation hear this… A story tellin’ of an age old dance, part of a global phenomenon, whose history runs wide and deep. From the taverns of Ireland to the ballrooms of Europe, Country dancing came about, and in the 16th century Elizabethan Court, it was simply known as “English Country Dancing”. As the generations passed, and with the discovery of the New World, people from all over the world brought their native dances to America, and Country dancing was no exception.

Fast forward a few hundred years and we find ourselves deep in the heart of the American Southwest. Cowboys were not the most dance-savvy of men. Although they loved to dance, many cowboys did not like the idea of leading a lady across the dance floor or memorizing steps. Rather, they would jump in with a wild whoop and a goat cry to make their mark on the dance floor. Puritans found this unsafe, and attempted to spread the prohibition of dancing from East to West.

Country dancing was often frowned upon by many, but not altogether banned. The minuet, cotillion, pattern dances and courtly processions were favored by most of the country. In other words, if you were “safe” folk, you could dance. This opened up much interaction between settlers. There were organized barn dances, Cowboy Balls and get-togethers, and they danced at any venue they could. In fact, invitations travelled by ear and all who arrived, danced!

To avoid chaos on the dance floor some of the dancers knew a few of the same steps and the term“Caller” was born. His job was calling dance steps as the music is changed. The popularity of the Caller had grown immensely as they travelled around the world. Now the role of the Caller and the steps he called out turned into traditional square dancing. The Cowboy waltz also helped to promote square dancing. The waltz tended to be full body contact as opposed to just hand-to-hand contact.

Although, Country waltz was common for most, the young were unable to dance with the opposite sex because of the intimacy, so a new dance called the Polka started moving towards the West. Polka was a hybrid between Waltz and Irish Jig. Everyone had a soft spot for the polka, and it was danced often in those days.

Over time, a dance that was specifically “Country Western” began to evolve. Many moves and styles popular in Appalachia and the South came west and were absorbed. Freed Black Americans also added a special influence that can still be seen in today’s Country swing dance. Women were handled as if the Cowboy were throwing a beating calf to the ground to be branded. Heavy Cowboy boots were the cause of horrid footwork, yet Cowboys were so excited to go out dancing that after a long day of being out on the trail, they would skip regular necessities and even a change of clothing and go straight for the dance floor while still in spurs, forcing him to keep his feet apart and shuffle as he moved to the music. The basic “push pull” position of the Country Swing in particular shows the rhythm of grasping the reins of a horse.

We could literally go on and on about the rich and unique history of Country Western dancing, but what better way to understand it than to come on down to Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ and take some beginner’s Country Western dance lessons here with us! Together we’ll go though all types of Country dancing that you’ll want to know today. So go ahead, grab life by the reins and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

Three Things You Must Know as a Leader on the Dance Floor

country western dance lessons Mesa AZThere’s so much to know as a leader when you’re out there Country two stepping or salsa dancing. Frankly, it can sometimes be daunting to be in charge on the dance floor, right guys? You may secretly wish that she would take over and make this whole dancing thing “easy”, but that’s no fun! Leading is actually a really cool feeling…once you know what you’re doing.

Well have no fear. There are just a few things that you really need to know to show her a great time, whether it be out Latin dancing or swing dancing.

First, you must truly understand how to lead. As an example, you don’t lead a lady around the dance floor by swinging her with your arms. Guys, you actually lead from your torso. If you did not know this already, that’s perfectly OK. It just means that you probably haven’t invested in Private Dance Lessons for yourself yet.

Like any great skill that you will obtain throughout life, there are no shortcuts to getting true results and being “good” at what you’re seeking to be good at. And, in this case, Private Latin, Swing or Country Dance Lessons are exactly what you’ll need to learn how to properly lead anyone around a dance floor with confidence.

In a Group Class setting, which may be free of charge, or certainly nominal compared to private instruction, you will get new patterns and moves, but not the detail and technique that you need to be a competent dancer. That will get you by in the short run, but it won’t have the ladies hoping that you’ll ask her for another dance. So men, take the time to do it right from the beginning and start with Private Dance Lessons. You’ll be out on the social dance floor sooner and with much more information to make you a successful leader.

Next, leaders, you will need to know how to navigate around a crowded dance floor. You’ve done your homework and taken Private Dance Lessons at your local dance studio for adults . That’s awesome! Now you find yourself at a crowded Country bar…freaking out! Why? The music is so loud. People are flinging each other in all different directions. Where’s the poise and etiquette that you learned at the dance studio?? Welcome to the “real world”. In an uncontrolled environment, anything can happen. Make it your priority to protect her from untrained dancers who may be thinking that social dancing is more like a game of bumper cars than anything else. You will need to also be aware of those who may have had more to drink than they needed. These “wild horses” are everywhere and it’s your responsibility as the eyes of the duo to see that she doesn’t get smacked into. It’s a dangerous dance world we live in…especially at the Country bars. 🙂

Lastly, do not end your Private Dance Lessons without a good understanding of how to identify and stay on time with the music. You will need to know when your favorite Latin song comes on if it’s a salsa or a bachata, for example. From there, you will also want to know how to find the beat and stay on it. This sounds so obvious. You are dancing, after all, right? But you’d be surprised how many people can’t hear the beat and then stick with it. It’s perfectly OK to get training on this so that you can make the most of every dance you have. As a woman who hears the beat, it’s an amazing experience to dance with someone who also knows the rhythm and can stick with it throughout the entire song.

See…social dancing isn’t nearly as complicated as you thought. 🙂 It’s actually great fun-especially once you are trained. So go get some Private Lessons and be that guy who knows what he’s doing out there on the dance floor. Trust me, the ladies will be lining up to dance with you before you know it.

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Dancing To The Music!

rsz_1rsz_dsc05818Do you go out social dancing here in Arizona? Do you maybe just sit and watch the dancers from the sidelines? When you watch people dance, you can automatically tell who the REALLY good dancers are, but you may not know exactly what draws your attention to them. They don’t always have the craziest moves (or outfits), but there is something unique about them. They may seem to have great chemistry or that they dance together often, but the most important piece is actually something you’re listening to… the MUSIC! Not only does their dancing seem natural and very smooth, but they are also using the music to guide their movements and interactions with each other. At Dance FX Studios, not only do we teach you how to lead and follow each other, but we also give you all the tools necessary to look smooth and natural on the dance floor which includes dancing on time to the music.

Dancing is an interpretation of music, which means that dancing to the music makes everything you do look that much better. Yes, I know, lots of people just see it as background noise that can be fun to dance to, but music does serve a purpose and can make you look even better as a dancer. It is easy to move as one and on beat if there is a shared comprehension of music.

First, of course, you have to know the rhythm of the dance. Is this song a Country Two Step, a Swing dance or is it something entirely different, like a Latin dance? Once you have a good foundation and your ear is trained, you can then move into dancing with the music. It is important to be in tune to the rhythm, melody and mood of a song so that you don’t seem stiff and disconnected when dancing.  If you have played an instrument before, you have a head start when it comes to developing your sense of musical sensitivity. If you haven’t, don’t fret! Musicality can be taught in your private dance lessons with us!

Now back to musicality. Musicality has two parts: receptivity and creativity. Receptivity is the ability to receive, comprehend, be sensitive to, and have a working knowledge of musical concepts like rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and even mood. Creativity is the ability to connect with accompanying music, interpret it, or phrase and add movement dynamics that relate to music even in the absence of accompaniment, in a way that is unique or interesting.

Learning to differentiate instruments will help you translate what you hear into movement, which will, in turn, give your Country or Latin dancing a more natural look.  As an exercise, find a song you like and listen to it as you normally would. Then play it again but listen only to one instrument, like the drum. Block out every other sound and just focus on the drum until the song is over. Repeat this exercise until every instrument in the song has been followed. Then, try different styles of music. To challenge yourself, look for music with varying time signatures, from other cultures, and outside of your normal range of music genres. When you are breaking a piece of music down, do you find yourself counting it out or just listening to the general flow of the song?  Sometimes counting is necessary, especially when understanding the rhythm of the dance steps, but fixating on counts can create a very mechanical looking dance. If you find yourself struggling to count, look for musical cues. Remember, one of our wonderful dance instructors here at Dance FX Studios will give you even more great tips on how to dance on time with the music. 🙂

Ultimately, musicality affects the movements you choose to do and create with your dance partner. It makes you more interesting to watch and definitely makes dancing more fun! Let us create a natural, unique dancer out of you. Come try our New Student Offer for Latin, Swing or Country dance lessons for beginners and get started on your journey to become a confident social dancer today.

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Broaden Your Horizons and Dance!

Arizona social dancingI’m sitting at an empty table outside of Jamba Juice and Starbucks. It’s blazing hot out here in Mesa, Arizona, and I’m second-guessing my choice of location to write. I just finished talking with two guys inside Jamba. I commented on the band playing over the stereo system. Neither one was familiar with the band I’ve mentioned. However, being the music junkie I am, I had to convince these random strangers they were missing out on something magical. I’m fairly confident my mission failed, but it got me thinking… It’s really difficult to engage with people these days! Meeting people who capture your attention is hardly a common occurrence. As a single, some days you wonder to yourself, where am I ever going to meet someone? It seems like there are few good outlets for singles to meet. It becomes discouraging at times. Then I got to thinking, one of the best ways I have gotten to meet new people is through social dancing.

Country dancing is where my social dancing experience all started. I remember going out to a bar shortly after arriving home from a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I walked up to the dance floor, and stared in amazement at the people spinning round and round each other. It was that awkward prom scene. You know, that one where all the dorky girls stand around begging the heavens that someone would ask them to dance. Only I was standing around mentally laughing at the thought of myself dancing with another human being. The irony is the heavens must have been listening, because literally as the thought crossed my mind, a man asked me to dance. Nervous as could be, I accepted the offer, but politely warned the gentlemen I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully he accepted the challenge, and I had a great time. He was an incredible teacher and leader, and I made a new friend too.

When I continue down this thought process of why all singles should social dance, a couple things come to mind. The first is taking chances— risks. They cause us to grow. They sometimes make us uncomfortable too, but in the end it’s all for the greater good. You go new places, try new steps and combinations with people you’ve never met before, and you become better! It takes practice and work to reach any goal. You build up your confidence doing this too. With every night out you become more comfortable in your own dancing shoes. You stand a little taller because you now have skills! Skills that few people have, but so many want and desire. Haven’t you ever wanted to learn to Country Two Step or Swing dance? It’s so cool when you actually get to hit the dance floor and kick up your heels! You end up making new friends with people who share a common interest with you. And who knows, maybe one of those friends will become something more one day? Since my first night out Country dancing, I have met so many cool people. They come from all different backgrounds and are a blast to be around.

Country dancing has opened a new door for me; one with so many benefits and perks. Social dancing in Arizona is not limited to Country dancing either. If Country isn’t your style, try Swing dancing or Salsa dancing! If you aren’t sure where to start, Dance FX Studios knows how to teach social dancing better than anyone in the Phoenix Valley. We love individuals with goals. We love having fun, and we also love developing confident dancers to go out and make their dreams a reality. Let us help! We have a steal of an Introductory Offer for beginners’ dance lessons. It’s just $25, and it will get you started down the road to becoming a confident social dancer before long.

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What Are You Putting Off In Your Life?

Country dance lessons for beginnersHow do you know when you’re ready to start something new? Maybe a new project, job, or a hobby. Well, the answer is generally pretty simple. You really don’t know when you’re ready to start. You may think you need to complete a list of to-dos, you need more training, qualification, or a mentor, or perhaps you just want everything in your life to be aligning perfectly. But if think about it, when are you TRULY ready to begin something new? If you are questioning whether or not to start something, GO for it! Otherwise, before you know it, another week, month, and year has passed and you are still stuck in the same routine. What are YOU putting off because you think you’re not ready? What are the absolute essentials you need to get started now? These are the things that are at the very core of what you want to do. Now that you’re thinking about it, go do it! Honestly, you’ll find it to be less scary than you thought.

At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, where I teach social ballroom dance lessons (think Country Two Step, Salsa and Swing dancing), I hear this all of the time. My students often will say, “Man, I’ve been putting off learning to Country dance for 10+ years!” Or, “I’ve wanted to learn to Swing dance my whole life, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner!”

You know that every time you start a new hobby, it requires hard work and dedication for you to see the results. Social dancing is no different. There is always a big learning curve at the beginning, but it is well worth it. There is quite a bit to partner dancing. You have to know the rhythm of the specific dance, from the Country Swing to Salsa dancing, learn foundation moves that are the base of bigger, more elaborate moves, discover how to lead/follow well, and then, on top of it all, find out the social norms surrounding the dances and the atmosphere, including how to pick what dance to do to what music, how to dance on time, and certain techniques that make your dancing more smooth and natural overall. Whew! This may seem to be overwhelming, but remember, you start at the beginning and, step, by step, all of the pieces come together. It’s like a puzzle, you begin with the outside pieces because they’re easy to pick out. You put them together to form the shape of the puzzle itself, and then you begin to work on the middle. Social dancing is similar. There is a foundation that is necessary. Each style has a variation on the foundation, but the premise of it stays the same. The nice thing about learning to dance, especially when it’s from people who have experience teaching and dancing, is that there is often a clearer path to the end result that you are looking for than when you are putting together a puzzle. 

At Dance FX Studios, we help to make this task less arduous with Country, Swing and Latin dance lessons for beginners. We have the clear path for you. We have designed a fun and easy system of social dance instruction that is customized for each of our students. We make sure that each student has the rhythm of the dance down and the foundation moves before we add in the more complicated aspects. In the long run, you become a GOOD dancer much more quickly than you would trying to piece everything together at once.

Come, begin your journey! We have a New Student Offer for beginner dancers that you should definitely check out! Let us help you achieve your goals by allowing you to work smart, not hard! Social ballroom dancing is a skill that you will use throughout your life, from weddings to reunions to holiday parties. Take your first step today towards becoming a confident social dancer. You won’t regret that you did!

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Treat her like a lady: Three Types of Leaders on the Dance Floor

Ballroom dancing ArizonaDo you love to go out social dancing at your favorite Country bar or Latin dance club here in Phoenix? So do I! What makes dancing that much more exciting is finding a leader that makes us feel beautiful, elegant and sexy, right girls?? It’s so true! Alright guys, it’s time to have a serious chat about how you are treating your lady on the dance floor.  Without fail, I deal with one of these three types of leaders, and I can speak for every woman when I say, we only want to experience one.  It’s really disheartening when a woman goes out to have a fun night out Country, Swing or Latin dancing and gets hit with one of these leaders instead.  It ruins our excitement and makes dancing not only uncomfortable, but sometimes even painful.  Let me explain further…


The Unaware Leader: The first type of leader is unaware of their partner.  What do I mean by this?  I mean this leader knows their steps but is absolutely clueless to the woman in their grasp.  I want to applaud this leader, for know his steps!  However, I want to scold him for not being more aware of how is actions are affecting his partner.  It is his job to make the dance smooth and keep his partner safe. What happens when a leader is unaware?  Let me tell you from personal experience what has happened, and I’ll warn you it is not pretty.  I have been dipped by an unaware leader, and as a result was kicked with a boot (in my jaw might I add) by the couple next me.  I have also been dropped by a leader, and then hit my head on a railing on the way down.  Both were extremely painful experiences, and made me very skeptical about going out dancing again.  It made me a nervous follower, unsure of my ability to trust the people who asked me to dance.  No leader should cause this to happen to a follower, so I beg all leaders out there, please be aware of your partner and know how your actions affect her.  Don’t be the one to blame for injures caused while a woman is under your care.


The Assertive Leader: The second type of leader is the assertive leader.  This person is often too focused on showing off his moves that he becomes forceful. You can often find this type of guy out Country dancing here in AZ. What starts off as a fun ride quickly begins to make the follower feel like a ragdoll being tossed about.  This also results in your follower tensing up and resisting your lead because you scare them!  They have zero control and can’t get their bearings long enough to prep for the next move, as they are being whipped about so fast.  This is terrifying, and again has the ability to lead to disaster.  You are leading a follower, but she is volunteering that access to you.  Be gentle and respectful with it, or you won’t get the luxury again.


The Graceful Leader: Ah, the third type.  He is the graceful leader.  He takes care of his partner and leads her with finesse.  He has style and confidence, and he leads his follower around the floor protecting her from harm.  Realizing she is being vulnerable by accepting his lead, and being mindful about how his movements affect her.  This type of lead is not weak.  He is strong and steady, and this type of lead is the lead every follower longs for.

Gentlemen, treat her like a lady, and if you don’t know how, let us teach you. At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley, we are here six days out of the week; willing and ready to show you how to sweep her off her feet and keep her out of harm’s way.

Whether you are with a partner or not, begin with Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer, one hour-long private dance lesson, to get healthy habits from us right from the start. With private dance lessons for beginners, you will learn to be that graceful leader that every woman adores.

Couple in Arizona Two Stepping

Becoming a Dancer Will Change Your Life

Couple in Arizona Two SteppingToday one of our instructors began his lunch time conversation with “Let me tell you what dancing is doing to my life”!  John is a very animated and happy person and he LOVES DANCING. However lately he is finding that dancing is affecting his life in new ways! John shared that he is now mumbling the names to dance steps when he is dance-navigating between people in restaurants or unexpectedly dancing during his daily routine. “I’m holding my steering wheel, safely while on empty roads, in a dance frame,” even turning the wheel like he’d turn a partner in a Country Swing move.  He is mock complaining because all of us know these life events make him happy. We also understand because we all share his passion about dance.

There is a long list of students who feel the same way. Ask some of our students how dancing has changed their lives and they will tell you. Being a student of dance helps you to walk taller, exude a sense of style, become charming, improve coordination and balance… and there is an air of grace may be noticed when the person is walking or talking. Funny enough, one of our advanced students was caught on video surveillance tape at his work dancing down the aisles! The store, which is a large corporation, actually found his performance so admirable they posted it on the company website!  Proving that not only that the company has happy employees and is great place to work, but that dancing is infectious!

Naomi, another one of our Dance FX Studios’ instructors, shared the following with me, “My body is my instrument. When you dance, you are more confident because you are aware of your entire body. In turn, body awareness makes you more aware of other people’s bodies. Noticing everything about another person makes you care more for others too. People live like they are floating heads. That’s why everyone is stressed and thinking all the time, because they only live in their heads. When you are aware of your full body and how your legs carry you, you take bigger steps; you trust the strength of your body. Dancers have less stress because we have moved out of our heads and into our whole person.”

Whether you discover the Swing, Argentine Tango or Country Two Step, dancing aides in body awareness and will increase your sense of assurance, and who couldn’t use a little more of that? How about a more active social life? It stands to reason that learning to social dance makes your more social! Who wants something to do on a Friday and Saturday night? How many times have you turned down an offer from a colleague at work to go to a club because you know there will be dancing and you don’t know how to dance? Stop saying no and start saying yes by signing up for private dance lessons today!

No matter what your profession or what you do in your daily life, if change is what you are seeking, add dancing to your bucket list for ways to create positive change in your life. If you prefer Country music, try Country Dancing! If passion and hip movements sound like your thing, try Latin styles of dancing! Maybe Big Band sounds and Swing would do it for you? The point is: pick a style of dance and try it! Dance FX Studios offers a wonderful New Student Offer to get started in an investment in new skill, just for you, along with the start of making change for the goal of creating your HAPPY LIFE!

Try a new experience: dancing. Learn how to social dance at Dance FX Studios by booking a private dance lesson. We are located inside the greater Phoenix area, in Mesa, AZ. Our dance studio is in the East Valley and we are minutes away from Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, or Gilbert and downtown Phoenix.  We are open 12 – 8 pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday’s from 11 am to 4 pm. Our address is: 1859 W. Guadalupe Road, Mesa, AZ 85202. Now what are you waiting for? Let’s dance!

Swing dancing for Beginners

Do More Than Mingle if You’re Single!

Arizona Swing dancing for BeginnersThe number one place for singles to meet people out of 100 top picks is by taking a class that interests them. Learning something new, where you show up in person, is a great place to meet people with similar interests. Beyond the idea of learning any old subject, we at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona suggest that you invest in a skill that moves you from a number of one into a number of many, with social dance lessons! That’s right, just by investing in yourself and exploring cool dances like the Country Two Step, Salsa or Swing, you will get to know others in no time.

One isn’t such a lonely number. It is actually an approachable number. Especially approachable where dancing is happening!  Let us teach you in a short period of time how to be a great social dancer and watch your social circle expand, with very little effort. If you are male, become a great leader on the dance floor and watch the ladies line up to be swept off of their feet. Ladies…every guy loves a great follower, one who makes him look great on the dance floor. Both roles allow a party of one to easily become two or more, whether you go out social dancing by yourself or with some friends!

You can learn a variety of social ballroom dances at Dance FX Studios including Country dances, Latin styles, Swing dancing and, the sensual Argentine Tango, our signature dance. This is a great way to meet people and join an awesome, diverse and friendly social group. The very nature of partner dancing is social and everybody loves to meet new people in a comfortable social dance scene. Today, practically every city in the world has a local Country Western, Swing, Salsa or Tango dance scene.  Why not join Dance FX Studios and learn these dances and more?! Our friendly instructors have been teaching people how to be great social dancers for almost 15 years here in the Phoenix East Valley.

If you know how to dance, no matter where you are, you will find a welcoming community of great people to hang out with.  Dancers love to meet up and dance with new dancers.  Being able to instantly connect with people anywhere in the world you happen to find yourself is one of the best things about learning to dance. Never leave Arizona? That is fine too! Phoenix area dance events are a great way to easily meet other locals as well as people from other places.

In a hurry to meet other people and worried that a short time dancing won’t get you on the dance floor as soon as you’d like? The truth is, basic steps, done correctly and on tempo, is more fun for you and a partner than a bunch of complicated patterns done badly and off-time. Smooth and sure is better than fancy and mediocre, so give yourself a little time to learn the language of dance so you can shine on any floor. Of course, as you progress in your dance skills, those complicated patterns will look smooth as butter too. The rhythm of the music and the movement in partnership make social dancing one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll ever have!

Dancing provides an ideal social climate in which to meet new people. And since learning to dance is a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life, the benefit of being able to continuously meet new people will never disappear. Don’t wait another minute to start dancing. There are so many wonderful and exciting styles of dance to choose from Salsa to Country Swing dancing and Bachata to the ballroom Foxtrot. Take advantage of Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer for a private dance lesson for a single or a couple and see how easy learning a new skill will be!

What are you waiting for? Get up and book your New Student Offer for Private Dance Lessons and go have some fun this Summer.  Dance FX Studios located on the corner of Dobson and Guadalupe, near Tempe and Chandler, and a few minutes more from Scottsdale! Feel like you have two left feet? Let us help you go beyond just mingling with a skill used to meet lots of new people and change your life today! Give us a call at 480.968.6177 or visit our website now for details!

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Why Generation Y Needs to Know How to Dance

Generation Y | Boost Confidence|Couples Dancing | DanceFx StudiosGeneration Y is in a really awkward place. We love our social life, but we can’t have one without documenting it on social media. Our favorite activities are exploring youtube for viral videos and binge-watching our favorite tv show on Netflix. This lack of physical connection to the world has put us in a place of constant loneliness while surrounded by online “friends”. One of the best ways to battle this is by getting out and interacting with new people in a fun and exciting way! Have you ever thought of how cool it would be to know how to Salsa dance, Country or Swing dance? Dare to peel yourself away from your iPhone and give partner dancing a try. See how it feels to connect with others in person-it’s really quite fun. 🙂

Dancing is The Ultimate Confidence Builder

Confidence is the key to success in the modern world. With technology so prominent, it is easy to get stuck behind the screen and have online confidence, but not interpersonal confidence. Learning fantastic new dances like the Country Two Step gets you away from the keyboard and out into the the big wide world of dance. Partner dancing is a great way to network, and simply asking someone to dance can be a huge confidence booster. Different styles of dance can help boost confidence about yourself. Salsa has a way of improving body image because of the strong male presence and the woman’s feminine hip movements. Swing is an incredibly upbeat dance that can lighten your mood in just about any atmosphere. Or, if you’re feeling bold, the Argentine Tango can really help you find yourself. It also allows you to unleash your passionate side the dance floor through with someone special.

Offline Networking

Going out social dancing and meeting people creates a much more tangible network. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, dancing is real face-to-face interaction with another person. It gives you time to connect with each other while dancing and mingling around. Social media has enabled us to devalue the true importance of shaking a person’s hand. Getting out and communicating with another person through dance teaches you the social skills to be comfortable in a new environment while gaining you new, lasting relationships.

Date Nights Without a Screen

Instead of posting a picture of your dinner on instagram or spending your date night in front of a television, go out dancing! Imagine a night out with your significant other or a new potential romance where you get in a workout, have plenty of time to chat, and have tons of fun. A night out partner dancing can give you just that! Spend time actually getting to know your new (or old) flame with a romantic hobby like dance. You can’t very well use the internet or your phone while dancing, so how great will it be when you just have each other to direct your attention to.  Take the screens out of the picture at least once a week and you’ll notice a lot more happiness in your romantic relationships.

Give yourself the chance to experience the world in real life, not through the internet. If you don’t know how to social dance, explore studios in your area and look into private dance lessons. For anyone in the greater Phoenix area, check out Dance FX Studios in Mesa. We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, minutes away from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert. We offer private dance lessons for people who are looking to progress in a more personal environment and group classes for those who want a a fun overview.

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