Three Things You Must Know as a Leader on the Dance Floor

country western dance lessons Mesa AZThere’s so much to know as a leader when you’re out there Country two stepping or salsa dancing. Frankly, it can sometimes be daunting to be in charge on the dance floor, right guys? You may secretly wish that she would take over and make this whole dancing thing “easy”, but that’s no fun! Leading is actually a really cool feeling…once you know what you’re doing.

Well have no fear. There are just a few things that you really need to know to show her a great time, whether it be out Latin dancing or swing dancing.

First, you must truly understand how to lead. As an example, you don’t lead a lady around the dance floor by swinging her with your arms. Guys, you actually lead from your torso. If you did not know this already, that’s perfectly OK. It just means that you probably haven’t invested in Private Dance Lessons for yourself yet.

Like any great skill that you will obtain throughout life, there are no shortcuts to getting true results and being “good” at what you’re seeking to be good at. And, in this case, Private Latin, Swing or Country Dance Lessons are exactly what you’ll need to learn how to properly lead anyone around a dance floor with confidence.

In a Group Class setting, which may be free of charge, or certainly nominal compared to private instruction, you will get new patterns and moves, but not the detail and technique that you need to be a competent dancer. That will get you by in the short run, but it won’t have the ladies hoping that you’ll ask her for another dance. So men, take the time to do it right from the beginning and start with Private Dance Lessons. You’ll be out on the social dance floor sooner and with much more information to make you a successful leader.

Next, leaders, you will need to know how to navigate around a crowded dance floor. You’ve done your homework and taken Private Dance Lessons at your local dance studio for adults . That’s awesome! Now you find yourself at a crowded Country bar…freaking out! Why? The music is so loud. People are flinging each other in all different directions. Where’s the poise and etiquette that you learned at the dance studio?? Welcome to the “real world”. In an uncontrolled environment, anything can happen. Make it your priority to protect her from untrained dancers who may be thinking that social dancing is more like a game of bumper cars than anything else. You will need to also be aware of those who may have had more to drink than they needed. These “wild horses” are everywhere and it’s your responsibility as the eyes of the duo to see that she doesn’t get smacked into. It’s a dangerous dance world we live in…especially at the Country bars. 🙂

Lastly, do not end your Private Dance Lessons without a good understanding of how to identify and stay on time with the music. You will need to know when your favorite Latin song comes on if it’s a salsa or a bachata, for example. From there, you will also want to know how to find the beat and stay on it. This sounds so obvious. You are dancing, after all, right? But you’d be surprised how many people can’t hear the beat and then stick with it. It’s perfectly OK to get training on this so that you can make the most of every dance you have. As a woman who hears the beat, it’s an amazing experience to dance with someone who also knows the rhythm and can stick with it throughout the entire song.

See…social dancing isn’t nearly as complicated as you thought. 🙂 It’s actually great fun-especially once you are trained. So go get some Private Lessons and be that guy who knows what he’s doing out there on the dance floor. Trust me, the ladies will be lining up to dance with you before you know it.