Staying Fit for the Holidays with Social Ballroom Dance Lessons

Stuffing, pies, candies, roasts, rolls and so many more holiday dishes tempt us throughout the holiday season. No matter what holidays you and your loved ones celebrate, chances are there are a few traditional dishes that you look forward to every year. Sometimes, the holidays serve as an excuse to eat absurd amounts of food and satisfy our sedentary side by relaxing with friends and family. Exercising and routines fall to the wayside this time of year when traditions, traveling, and feasting take over. By the time the New Year rolls around, we might find ourselves swearing off the lifestyle we’ve embraced of less than ideal diet and exercise routines. This year, join us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona and you won’t be regretful of what you eat. Yes, you can break the cycle and take ballroom dance lessons as a couple or just for you! The only fitness resolution for the new year that you’ll be making is to stick with dance lessons all year long. Whether you see yourself dancing the sensual Argentine Tango with your partner, doing the Country Two Step at a local Phoenix Country bar, or Swing dancing to your favorite oldies, stay active this holiday season and ring in the New Year with a new hobby – social ballroom dancing! If you’ve never taken a lesson with us before, take advantage of our $40 introductory lesson offer in which you can learn a few basics of dancing and sample some styles if you’re not sure which dance(s) you’re interested in.

Ballroom dancing with us at Dance FX Studios here in Phoenix can enhance your life in so many ways – by boosting your self-confidence, improving your balance and coordination, relieving stress and more! One of the most important benefits of dancing (at least this time of year) is the great exercise it provides. Treadmills can be boring, cycling can get intense and lifting weights at the gym might not be very appealing, but dancing is a challenging, FUN way to get moving! Chances are your body is not used to moving in the many directions and ways that dancing requires it to. Moving backwards, side stepping, leading your partner in many directions – they’re all advantageous for your body! You will work muscles you didn’t know you had, or maybe ones you just haven’t used since before Halloween!

In addition to the toning dance lessons can provide, you can break a sweat and burn off the holiday cookies you’ve been indulging in! Each type of dance offers different movements and tempos and, therefore, burns a certain range of calories. For example, Salsa dancing for an hour can burn up to 480 calories! Country Western styles like the Country Swing and Country Waltz can get you moving and use between 290 to 420 calories, depending on the speed and difficulty of the moves. In every hour-long lesson of learning to dance the Cha Cha, anywhere from 260 to 530 calories can be burned- yeah to Latin dancing!. Zumba fitness classes are specifically geared for exercise and can use up to 650 calories! That’s definitely a few cookies’ worth.

While one lesson alone won’t lead to a fit you, regular lessons will definitely exhibit results! With our Holiday Savings Event, Introductory Offer and Zumba membership deals, we can help you kick up your heels this holiday season while reaping the many benefits of dance. Find yourself dancing into 2014 with joy!