Stay Cool This Summer with Adult Dance Lessons

wedding dance instruction Mesa ArizonaAre you looking for a way to beat the heat and still stay in shape this summer? If you live in Phoenix, Arizona like I do, you’ve got to be thinking “YES! YES! YES!”. There’s nothing worse than spending your evenings after work inside because it’s too hot to take a walk or a bike ride. Outside activities may be off the list of “things to do” in the next few months, but adult dance lessons are certainly a fun and healthy alternative!

Spend your summer nights exploring cool and popular social dances like Country two step, salsa and swing dancing. Each of these dances will be useful for nights out with friends, upcoming events and date nights. You may even have a wedding that you’re attending in the fall. Get ready now and you’ll be swinging with the best of them by September.

It’s your summer, so why not step out of your comfort zone with  Argentine tango dance lessons if you really want to go wild in the next few months. The sultry and sensual Argentine tango dance will help keep the flames burning with your special someone and reveal how you can connect with him/her on a deeper, more intimate level. It’s truly the dance that keeps on giving as you only get better with time and practice. Now’s your chance, so don’t pass it up!

What’s great about beginning social dance lessons during the summer is that you will be much more confident in your skills by the winter, when all of the holiday parties are going on. There’s no reason to sit on the sidelines at your upcoming end of the year work party when you can have a blast dancing!

If you’re wondering which dances, besides the incredible tango, will be cool to learn this summer, here are my top three picks: salsa, swing and Country two step. These three dances are used most often socially, from weddings to clubs/Country bars, so they are awesome first choices when starting your journey into dance. Plus, they are all fairly easy to pick up, making “summer school” a breeze!

It’s time to get the ball rolling with beginner’s dance lessons at a local dance studio for adults near you. Don’t wait until the heat really turns up or you might be more inclined to hide out on the couch than get moving on the dance floor. Since partner dancing is a wonderful way to burn up to 450 calories/hour, you’ve got lots of reasons to start now. Have fun this summer with social dance classes! You’ll be so glad you took up this exciting, new hobby!