How Singles Benefit from Dance Lessons

salsa dance lessons near Chandler Arizona

Would you like to get on the fast track to becoming a confident social dancer in popular styles like Country, Latin and Swing? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is having a blast on the dance floor? Don’t wait for him or her to come along. Sign up for single’s adult dance lessons!

With Private Dance Lessons for you, all of the attention can be spent on making you a great leader or follower on the dance floor. Rather than sharing your learning time with a partner, you can dance directly with an instructor who already knows their part. Then, we can focus solely on you, speeding up your learning time and ensuring that you will be able to join in the fun sooner rather than later. Doesn’t that sound like a great plan!?

In fact, many of our couples who take Private Dance Lessons with us come in separately for their own lesson time. When your instructor can feel what needs to be adjusted, he/she can go in and make the changes needed before you try salsa or swing dancing, for example, with another novice dancer who may not be able to articulate what feels “off”.

Many people who call into our Arizona dance studio ask if coming in solo is even an option. Absolutely! There’s no need to grab a buddy whose schedule you need to may need to work around just to come in and get started with dance lessons. Let’s make this about you, and when you can really dance, you can take your friend out for a spin on the floor! Trust me, they’ll be impressed. 🙂

Another major advantage of taking adult dance lessons as a single is that you will discover how to dance with anyone, not just one person. While it may seem like having a built in dance partner is an advantage, it is very common for couples to get into bad habits with each other. For example, the wife may want to “help” out her struggling spouse by secretly pulling him around the dance floor. First, this doesn’t help, so ladies, please don’t do this to your hubby. Secondly, how can we help him to become a great dancer for you if you’re covering up all of his weaknesses? Good point, right? If we want him to sweep you off your feet, we need to give him the tools he needs to be a great lead, and you need to know how to follow and let him lead.

Bottom line, if you’re interested in learning fun and exciting dances like Country two step or Swing dancing, seek out a local dance studio for adults for YOU. A partner is not needed to have a blast exploring cool dances! Meeting a dance partner, or having many partners will be the result of you putting in the effort of learning your part. A great leader will have the ladies lining up for more, and an awesome follower will be asked to dance over and over by the better leaders. How wonderful is that! A win-win!