What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Wedding Dance Choreography

adult dance lessons near Chandler ArizonaIt’s that time! Wedding bells are ringing. You’re getting hitched! Congratulations… you now get to dance in front of all of your friends and family! “What did I get myself into?”, you may be wondering. “Should we have eloped?”, you’re thinking.  The fear sets in as you realize you have to dance in front of everyone you love. Completely understandable. Some people will do just about anything to bypass that dreaded first dance, but there is a solution. What is it? Wedding dance lessons, of course!

Your first dance as a bride and groom can be the most magical experience of your life, once you know how to dance.  A fun and exciting or sweet and simple first dance can actually be the perfect added touch to your big day, and what most people remember most about your wedding.

Learning to dance as a couple is hardly just one more thing to check off your wedding list, like ordering the flowers, or going cake tasting. Ongoing dance lessons will soon be part of your wedding day preparation should you choose to learn a choreographed wedding dance. That’s a great thing! While this may sound more like a “have-to” than a “want-to”, you will soon find that your dance lessons are the best part of your week. You may even begin to look forward to having a date night at your local dance studio as you discover a few romantic moves to sweep her off her feet. And she may love to escape all of the wedding planning stresses by enjoying a relaxing hour with you, her man. Ballroom dance lessons can serve as a fantastic way to connect with each other and explore an exciting new hobby for you two as a couple.

Most people are not born feeling comfortable dancing, so a choreographed first dance will really give you the order and peace of mind that your routine is laid out from beginning to end. By your wedding day, you should be able to dance your routine all the way through on auto-pilot, which is wonderful if the nerves kick in (or if you have had a few too many to drink…).

After meeting with a professional instructor, you will also see that the dance of your dreams can come to life. It’s great fun to think outside of the box and let a professional dancer turn that into reality. You can really rock your reception with a sassy salsa dance or a tantalizing tango routine, or just have some fun twirling your Cowgirl in a Country Two Step wedding dance. The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative, so go for it! It’s your special day.

Learning to dance in general is an incredible hobby for a couple. There are so many benefits to social ballroom dancing that go way beyond your wedding day, from keeping the romance alive to giving each other a fun and exciting outlet to do as a pair.

Truly, the only drawbacks to a choreographed first dance are that lessons can be a small chunk of change, but keep in mind that you are learning a skill that you can use for years to come. And, that it does take time to learn to dance. But, if you can make the time and plan in advance, you will look incredible on the dance floor, impressing everyone you know and love, and that is a really cool feeling.

If you’re getting married soon, don’t sit on getting started with Wedding Dance Lessons. Find a local adult dance studio and set up a Wedding Dance Consultation to get the ball rolling. You’ll be so glad you did!