Let us Show You How to be a Confident Social Dancer!

Private adult dance lessons Mesa ArizonaDo you love to dance but have never had any formal training? Well, there’s no better time than now to begin your exciting journey into social dancing! Social dancing for adults is an incredible way to stay active, fit and happy!

Unlike competitive ballroom dancing, social dancing includes popular styles that you can use in the “real world”, like at weddings, night clubs, holiday parties, cruises and on date nights. These useful and fun dance types include Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step and even the sensual Argentine Tango. See what you’ve been missing!? Not to worry…it’s never too late to try adult social dance lessons. 🙂

Now that you may be interested in getting started, you may be curious to know what to do next. How about trying out an Introductory Dance Lesson. Our New Student Offer for singles or couples is just $25, and in that one-hour lesson, you’ll see how much fun it can be to learn to dance. At our Arizona Dance Studio, you’ll also learn how to connect with your dance partner (be it your instructor or a partner that you brought with you), how to lead or follow, and how to dance the basic steps to several different dances.

Our professional dance instructors will also be happy to guide you towards the dances that will best suit your personal preferences. For example, if you love Country music, learning to Country Swing dance and Country Two Step will be quite valuable. Or, if you want to release that inner diva that you know is buried inside you, let Salsa dance lessons bring her out! She’s in there just waiting to have a good time.

At our dance studio, you can even explore several dances that are very different from each other. Who knows…you may find yourself in a Latin club one night and a Country bar the next! Wouldn’t that be a fun way to spend your weekend?

As you begin checking out dances that you like, my one piece of advice if I may, is to set mini goals for yourself, like “I want to be a confident social dancer by the company’s Christmas party this year. That way, you’ll have something to work towards. I have found in my 20 years of instructing professionally that those who come in without a specific goal, tend to not stick with their dancing, and therefore do not get the most out of their experience with taking lessons. Priority #1 for us as your instructors is to make sure that if you make the investment in learning to be a comfortable social dancer, that you are able to use it for years to come. You too can be that adorable elderly couple who everyone stops to smile at on the dance floor. Why not?

So, if you happen to live here in Arizona with me, and you are ready to sprinkle some fun into your week, come try adult dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios. We’re located in Mesa, on the border of Tempe, Chandler, AZ for your convenience. Our students drive from near and far to get to us as we are the only strictly social dance studio in Phoenix. Let us put a smile on your face by giving you a skill that will come in handy time and again…dance! We hope to see you on the dance floor!