Build Your Confidence Through Adult Dance Lessons

adult dance lessons near Chandler AZA new season is upon us and there’s no better time than now to invest in yourself. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to take your confidence to the next level, try adult dance lessons in popular styles like Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa. You won’t regret it. I promise!

What are we without confidence? Shy, meek and insecure? Why be that person when you can turn over a new leaf this summer just be learning to dance.  Beginners dance lessons for adults can be for couples or singles, so let that not be a distraction as you step out of your comfort zone and into your local dance studio. 🙂

How does dancing connect with confidence? Easy! From the physical benefits of raising your heart rate and getting healthy to the emotional rewards of relieving stress during your busy week, taking adult dance lessons is a major plus!

Singles, walk taller, attract someone special and get fit through social dancing. Think about it. What girl doesn’t love a guy that can Country dance or Salsa dance? And what guy wouldn’t be attracted to a girl who has all the right moves on the dance floor? Discover your inner diva or manly man and make yourself stand out-just by knowing how to dance.

It takes time to learn how to Country Two Step, Swing or Latin dance, but once you know what you’re doing, you’ll be a cut above the rest. Not everyone is willing be vulnerable enough to walk into an adult dance studio and admit they need to learn to dance. Those who do, though, reap the benefits of being able to sweep any woman off of her feet, or accept a dance with the assurance that you will make him look good! That alone is worth what it takes to develop your new skills.

Couples, enjoy showing off at weddings, holiday parties and anywhere music is being played once you have taken a series of Private Dance Lessons. You will be the envy of all your friends, especially the wives who only dream of their husbands being able to move like the two of you do. With such a romantic hobby, you can also expect the flames the be reignited in your relationship. Dancing goes quite well after a nice dinner, so date nights can be a thing again as you start a new chapter in your relationship. How great is that!?

Realize that when you learn to dance, you put yourself in a category that surpasses most. Now that’s a confidence builder! You will find yourself fearless in social situations as you will in the minority among those who are actually running towards the dance floor. There’s no reason to be a person who can’t dance when dance lessons are accessible to you. So what are you waiting for? Go call your local dance studio and get started with an Introductory Offer that will get the ball rolling for you!

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Country Two Step Dancing

Country Two Step lessons near Chandler ArizonaWho doesn’t love Country dancing? Grabbing a friend and heading out to a Country bar on any given night is a great way to meet new people, relax and unwind from your week, and dance! If you’re anything like me, you don’t particularly love all Country music (especially that “twangy” old-school style), but that’s OK. Two Step dancing isn’t about waiting for your favorite songs to come on, it’s about enjoying a fun and easy dance that can burn off some serious steam (and calories!). Country dancing is actually quite entertaining!

Now, if you have been out Country dancing, you may have already discovered that learning to Two Step is not particularly difficult. What makes the dance seem challenging is the way many dancers are using it today. From flying around the dance floor like your feet are on fire, to swinging your partner into others because it’s “fun” to be twirled, Country dancing, especially here in Arizona, needs a make-over, or more like a “make-under”. What’s being lost are the key aspects of the dance, including the rhythm.

Here are a few things that you most likely did not know about Country Two Step dancing. If you apply them, you will be successful on the dance floor. If not, you will most likely fit in with what’s trendy today. 😉 Either way, as long as you’re out dancing, that’s a great thing!

  1. Country Two Step is a rhythm. Every dance has a rhythm, and the Country Two Step is no exception. Sticking with the rhythm of the Two Step is most of what actually makes it a Two Step, versus other popular dances, like the Country Swing or Waltz.  The rhythm for the Two Step is Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow. While that may not mean much to you as a beginner Country dancer, knowing that there is a certain rhythm to the dance is a definite start. With Private Two Step dance lessons, you will discover how to apply your steps to the beat, so you can look awesome out Country dancing.
  2. Country Two Step is NOT a fast dance. When I go out dancing, I spot out tons of Country dancers (out here in Phoenix, Arizona at least) that seem to think every song being played is a Two Step. That is definitely not the case! Can you find the “Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow” beat in many songs that are not meant for Two Stepping? Yes, and that is part of the problem. So, to rephrase what I’m trying to say, Two Step not only has a certain rhythm, but it also has a general speed. Really fast songs should be used as Swings, medium tempo Country music is generally meant for Two Stepping and slower songs can cover your Country Waltz’s, Nite Club Two Steps. Doing the same dance to every speed just shows that you only know one style, and that you are not versatile on the dance floor.
  3. Country Two Step can travel, or not! This is a really cool aspect of the Country Two Step that many people don’t realize. For those that have taken Two Step dance lessons at some point, they may have learned that this dance always moves in a counter-clockwise direction. That is true when you are traveling, but you can also do the Two Step in place, making it super-fun for crowded dance floors! How? Come visit us at Dance FX Studios to find out! 🙂

If you’re ready to conquer any dance floor, start your journey into Country dancing with beginner’s Country Western dance lessons. Private Country dance lessons are ideal so that we can help you to establish the fundamentals of partner dancing before venturing out to a crowded dance floor. We can also give you the information and confidence you need to shine. Let us help you to uncover the fun and excitement of Country dancing today.

How to Meet New Friends Through Social Dancing

Country dancing near Chandler AZWith hectic schedules and rare pockets of free time, many people these days are choosing to meet, and even date and marry, after connecting with each other online. Thanks to modern technology, we can find others with similar interests, like social dancing, at the click of an button. How wonderful! When it comes to loving to dance, though, there’s an even easier way to start new friendships. Grab a buddy, or head over solo to a local Country bar, Jazz lounge or Latin dance club and see how simple it can be to make friends with other dancers.

Generally speaking, people who love to social dance are very open to meeting other dancers. It gives both parties a chance to find someone new, fun and interesting to enjoy time with on the dance floor, and off the floor as well. With social dancing as a common interest, you will have lots to talk about, from the most comfortable Cowboy boots to dance in, to the trendy new Salsa dance clubs in town.

If you have thought about how nice it would be to have more friends, and you haven’t learned to dance yet, now’s your chance. Country, Swing and Latin dancing is the perfect way to socialize without it being awkward, since everyone is out to have a great time and let go of their stresses.

Now that you see how fun and easy it can be to connect with others just by knowing how to dance, it’s time for you to learn to Two Step, Swing or Salsa dance! To begin, I recommend contacting a local adult dance studio that offers social dance lessons for singles and/or couples.

The studio you find may offer both Group Dance Classes and Private Dance Lessons. I am going to encourage you to start the right way with Private Dance Lessons. After 20 years of instructing, I know that it is only through Private Dance Lessons that you can learn in a way that is not only specific to how you think, but will also put you on the fast track to becoming a confident social dancer. As a single, you will dance directly with your instructor, so they can give you exact feedback on what you will need to feel and look your best. That’s what every new dancer needs to succeed! 🙂

While Group Dance Classes sound like a fun way to meet others, it can be a very frustrating learning environment for singles. One, there may not be an even amount of leaders and followers in the class, potentially leaving you, or someone else, out on the sidelines waiting for a dance partner. Also, you will be joining in a class with others who will be at different levels in their dancing. Some may have taken five classes, while you’re on your first. This will either make you feel pressured to catch up, which usually makes for an overwhelming experience, or will make someone else have to go slower that they hoped, while you’re catching up to them. Either way, I have found Group Dance Classes to be great supplements to your dancing after you have taken the time to learn to dance one-on-one with a qualified social dance instructor.

Regardless of your age or situation, social dancing will lift your spirits, add joy to your life and is a wonderful, timeless hobby. Expand your social circle in a healthy and exciting way-just by learning to dance, and give yourself a chance to pick up a new skill that will forever enhance your life. You’re worth it!

Man and woman country dancing

The Truth About True Country Dancing

Man and woman country dancing in ArizonaI’m going to be really blunt for a second…

True Country is not a social dance.

Okay, I said it. Now, before you get angry and stop reading, I will clarify: True Country is fun, acrobatic, and is done to music. It takes skill to perform the lifts and dips, there are plenty of spins, and it looks like dance. I love to see it in performance, when it has been practiced and perfected between two skilled partners… But that does not make it a social partner dance.

I bring this up because True Country has become a huge trend throughout the Country Dance world, especially in Arizona. We at Dance FX Studios have had countless numbers of new students come in asking to learn True Country, but to be completely honest, it scares me. I’ve seen many girls dropped, hit, and injured because guys tried “cool moves” they learned on Youtube. There are plenty of moves out there, but they aren’t always successful when attempting True Country because:

There is no set structure or rhythm.

Can you tell me the basic of True Country? What is the standard rhythm that one follows? There is no answer. Country Swing is slow-slow-quick-quick and Arizona Two Step is quick-quick-slow-tap-slow-tap. Why does that matter, you ask? Without some kind of standardized structure or rhythm, there is no way for partners to properly communicate. If there is no set rhythm for dancers to follow together, they have no way of knowing who is on what foot and when.

True Country doesn’t follow the beat of the music.

The other reason rhythm is so important in partner dance? It keeps you with the music, of course! Music gives you your timing and helps keep partners together with an audible beat to follow. Because there isn’t a set rhythm, dancers tend to ignore the music completely. Dance at its core is the physical embodiment of musical interpretation. If you ignore the music, you’re just moving.

There is no lead or follow.

If you can’t tell what beat or what foot your partner is on, how can you know when the most comfortable time to turn your girl is? You can’t. The majority of social True Country dancers aren’t guiding their partners, but rather they are throwing them. Without training, True Country doesn’t ask for an equal partnership where the man leads and the woman interprets and follows. Instead, women are simply flung from place to place.

What it all boils down to is this: True Country is a performance. Like any acrobatic routine, it is exactly that – a routine. True Country can be really cool to look at when the couple has already planned each and every move. If not, it’s sloppy at its best and dangerous at its worst. Your best bet is to learn what we at Dance FX Studios are now calling “Real Country.” Learn Two Step or Country Swing the right way, so you can lead or follow without having to throw or be thrown. I promise, it’s a lot more fun (and safe) to do turns and twists to the music and with some technique under your belt. If you’re in the greater Pheonix area, come check out our studio in Mesa. Located just off the 60 and the 101, we’re minutes away from Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Gilbert. Join us for our group classes starting up in September or try an introductory private dance lesson. We can get you dancing comfortably and safely while looking cool on the floor in no time!

Not in Arizona? We’ve gotcha covered. We’ll be uploading instructional Real Country videos to our Youtube page soon, so you can get your dance on wherever you are!

Contact us to begin your dancing journey…


Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.


Top Three Most Useful Dances in Arizona

Get ready to have some fun with dance lessons in three of the most popular social dances in Arizona! “What are those dances that no AZ resident should live without?”, you may ask. Three must-have dances for couples or singles who live in Arizona include: Salsa, Swing and the Country Two Step. Yes, it’s true, gone are the days where ballroom dancing, like the Foxtrot or Waltz are in style simply because they can make you feel elegant or debonaire. Today, social dancing is all about having fun, fitting in with the local cultures and enjoying what you know by taking it to parties, weddings or even on cruises! Let’s explore these three key social dances and why YOU should learn them to have a great time dancing anywhere in Arizona.

1. Salsa Dancing: Because we live in the southwest, Latin influence is prevalent in more than just the food in Arizona. Salsa dance lessons are a great way to burn off those yummy tapas and enjoy a sexy and passionate hobby! Along with Salsa dancing in AZ, you must learn to dance Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha for the full Latin effect. Then, you will be prepared for any Latin club with confidence.

Latin dance lessons are great for couples to spice up the romance, but singles, do not shy away from learn to Latin dance. Salsa, and the other Latin dances mentioned above, are not only a great workout, but they are amazing for exploring a different side of your personality. There is an inner diva or Latin lover in there somewhere just waiting to come out. Give yourself a chance to get those hips moving the right way and watch your confidence, and social calendar, improve by the minute!

2. Swing Dancing: Swing dancing in Phoenix, AZ is another must-have dance. What we love about the swing is its versatility. Learn to Swing dance and enjoy all fast-paced music in style from Country to Rock and Roll, Big Band and other classic and fun oldies. After a few Swing dance lessons, you will be able to hit any dance floor with fun and impressive turns that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

As if you needed more reasons to learn to Swing dance, keep in mind that you can burn over 400 calories an hour while Swing dancing. It is a high-energy aerobic blast that will keep you smiling as your endorphins soar. Give yourself a boost of energy and excitement with Swing dance lessons.

3. Country Two Step Dancing: Need we say more? In the land of the cowboy here in Arizona, Country Two Stepping is essential to know if you plan to wrangle the cowgirl of your dreams. Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around in the Phoenix metro area, so no need to wait on this fun and popular dance with Country dance lessons today. (By the way, check out Spurs Saloon in Chandler, a new Country dance bar that recently opened. They offer a nice dance floor and live music for your Country dance pleasures.)

If you haven’t learned to Salsa, Swing or Two Step in AZ yet, it’s never too late. For dance lessons as a couple or a single in any of these popular dances and more, give Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona a try. We offer both group dance classes and private dance lessons to Phoenix adults who want to learn to dance. For the last 12 years, we have created thousands of amazing social dancers– you can be next!  Conveniently, we are located just off the 101 highway minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. Make the drive and come check us out, you’ll be happy that you did!