Become A Confident Country Dancer!

Country Swing Dancing in ArizonaNights out are often a lot of fun and generally spent with good friends! Not only do you get some good laughs and great memories, but you get to spend time with people you treasure. Have you ever been out with these same friends and felt left out? Sure, you enjoy Country music and love to go to the Country bars with your friends here in Arizona, but they know how to dance and often leave you sitting, watching, wishing that you could join in on the dance floor. They offered to teach you, but you believe that you have two left feet. Let us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley show you that you’re wrong! Over the last 15 years, we have taught all kinds of people to social dance, including couples and singles.

Now, to get started, you may have built up the courage to try one of those free classes that they offer in the Country bars. If that took you two steps back (no pun intended) confidence-wise, you’re not alone! It’s nearly impossible to learn to Country dance as a beginner in a group setting, with all of the others around you at different skill levels.  Sometimes those classes go by too quickly and all you really learn is the basic and then go out on the floor and the girl starts leading herself through moves. That’s frustrating! Let’s change your experience of dancing from this moment forward. Here at Dance FX Studios, we have a fun curriculum that can make a confident Country dancer out of you!

At Dance FX Studios, we teach LOTS of Country dancing, from the Two Step to Country Swing! We focus on taking a logical (but fun) approach to dance as we help you discover how to be a great leader or follower, and so much more! Our main priority is to help you to develop an awesome connection with anyone on the dance floor. We also want you to understand the rhythms of different Country dances and how to move on time with the music. Of course, you know you’ll learn all of the turns and spins that will help you to really shine out there too!

If you have visited several Country dance bars out here in Arizona, you know how crowded and wild things can be! We want to help you to see that Country dancing can be safe and fun, not just for yourself, but for your dance partner. We have created  some fun exercises that simulate a crowded dance floor so that you can be prepared for what’s to come when you get out there. Once you have a good hold on your Country Two Step and Country Swing, we teach you how to seamlessly mix them together to become a dynamic Country dancer! YEEEHAAAAWWW!

Get started on your Country dance journey with us at Dance FX Studios. Come on in for your beginner’s Country dance lesson with our New Student Offer. We cannot wait to have you in our dance family!