Swing Dance Party with Come Back Buddy!!

Dance teacher adjusting students in ArizonaWho loves live music? Who loves free food? Who loves Swing Dancing?

Dance FX Studios does, that’s who.

We’re having a super fun Swing Dance Party this Saturday at 8 and we’re really excited about it! If you’ve never been to one of our parties, you’re definitely missing out. Dance FX is all about using the skills we teach, so we have regular dance parties ranging from Swing Dance, to Country Dance, to Kizomba Socials! These events are for anyone and everyone, as long as you have a passion for dance! Whether you’re a current student, an old student, or someone who just wants to test the waters, you’re more than welcome to join in on the fun. Let’s talk about what fun things you can expect!

Live Music with Come Back Buddy

Come Back Buddy is an incredible band that has played at a number of our Swing Dance Parties. One of the most popular Swing bands in the Valley, we are stoked to have them again! Come Back Buddy rocks it out with a variety of music styles, including Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, and good old Rock n’ Roll! (If you’re more of a Country buff, don’t worry… Country Swing translates really well into Jitterbug. They’re related!)

Dance Lesson Included

If you’re new to dance, you can still rock the night away with us. Towards the beginning of the party, one of our awesome instructors will teach a fun Swing Dance class. This is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to get their feet wet. Learn a few basics and practice them all night long! We also throw in a cool bonus move for those of you who already have some moves under your belt.

Instructors Galore

The best part about a dance party at a dance studio? The instructors!! Our friendly-faced staff will be there all night to answer questions on and off the dance floor. Instructors are there if you need a dance partner, but feel free to pull one of us aside and ask questions! Whether you’re stuck on a move and need some help or just want to talk about joining our FX Family, we’re here for you.


Most importantly, it’ll be a party! Live music, refreshments, and plenty of dancing. If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, come join us in Mesa, just off the 60 and the 101. Admission is only $15 ahead of time or $20 at the door, so call ahead! The party is from 8-11 this Saturday September 6, but swing by (Get it? Swing??) anytime and get your dance on! If you need a little more confidence on the dance floor before you’ll party, join us for private dance lessons or group dance classes to learn a thing or two. If Swing isn’t your thing, we also teach Country Dance, Argentine Tango, Latin Dance, and more! Call us at 480-968-6177 and get your dancing shoes on!


Private dance lessons are available by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call us today at 480.968.6177.