More Social Ballroom Dance Benefits…

Have you read our recent blog post, “Enjoy Life and Ballroom Dance“? Well the benefits that we shared with you about how becoming a great social dancer will enhance your life were just the beginning! Yes, dancing does add romance, relieve stress and, learning to dance Salsa, Country Swing or Argentine Tango definitely builds confidence! Believe it or not, there are even more benefits to explore when it comes to how your life can change by taking up this fun and exciting new hobby, overall known as ballroom dancing.

For those laymen out there, ballroom dancing is a term that describes partner dancing in general. It is an umbrella term to used to lump the main categories of partner dancing under a main heading. Dances under this broad category can range from Cha Cha to Foxtrot and Country Two Step to Tango. As long as you have a partner, or can learn to dance with one, you will enjoy the benefits of ballroom dancing. To expand upon what we have covered in our previous blog, here are three more benefits of learning to dance-as a single person or as part of a couple.

1. Dancing assists with balance and coordination. Ever feel gawky and uncoordinated? Everyone wants to feel and look naturally graceful or elegant, but this is not necessarily something that comes easily to all. With dance lessons, you can learn to move with ease. You can also work on how to use your core to guide you in any balance issues that you may have encountered. Ballroom dancing helps you to walk taller and use those muscles that will help you to become a more poised individual.

2. Social dancing is exciting! Forget about chilling on the couch and watching those pounds creep right up on you. Get your daily workout on the dance floor, skip the gym, and get fit without even knowing it in your Salsa or Swing dance lesson! Learn new ways to express yourself and see how much fun it is to dance.

3. Meet new friends through dance. Partner dancing is great because there are at least two of you doing it together! Find new friends through a healthy and rewarding hobby and make new contacts with people you may have never run across otherwise. What is wonderful about knowing how to social dance is that you can shine at those holiday parties and nights out on the town. Impress others by knowing a skill that everyone would love to have.

Try dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios and be that guy or gal that walks taller and has confidence wherever you go! We have an amazing Introductory Offer to get you started with the basics of learning to dance. From there, the fun is just beginning. Dance FX Studios is located in the East Valley of Phoenix in Mesa, AZ, near Tempe and Chandler, AZ.  Have as much fun as we do and learn to Salsa or Swing dance! You’ll be so glad you did!