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How to Get Him to Ask You For Another Dance

Country dance classes Mesa AZLadies, we love to dance, don’t we? Well, most of us do! Wouldn’t it be awesome to go out social dancing with the girls and find incredible guys to dance with everywhere we turn? Of course it would. In reality, though, guys have a ton of responsibility on the dance floor. What that means for us is that there are less great male dancers out there than we would like because of the actual work it takes to be a great leader on the dance floor. That doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, though. Or that they’re not works in progress. 🙂 Let’s give our men a break, girls. Here are a few tips from me to you to get him to ask you for another dance every time.

  1. Don’t lead yourself. This is a tough one for us ladies, right? We so want to “help” our leading man with his part. Believe it or not, though, this is actually one of the most detrimental things that we can do for him. It strips of him his “power”, not to mention his manhood. On the dance floor, the guy is called the leader for a reason. There is one leader and one follower, not two leaders, girls. So, even though he may be a beginner with limited knowledge, please respect his level of dance and don’t lead yourself, or try to teach him what to do. This will just fluster him, and strip him of his confidence. When you accept a Salsa or a Two Step dance, I recommend smiling and being gracious. Who knows, maybe a few months down the road with more Private Dance Lessons under his belt, he may become an incredible leader that you will be hoping asks you to dance again.
  2. Show interest in your partner. To follow up on my previous point, let your partner know that he’s doing a great job by making him look good. Don’t over dance or show off if he’s not ready for advanced styling, simply enjoy what he can offer on that night. Interestingly, and this happens often, we as ladies think that HE is the problem on the dance floor, and we tend to discount him before even giving him a chance. This may come to a shock, but WE could be part of the reason why the dance isn’t so great. So, again, be appreciative of the offer to dance, and focus on what you can do to make the experience as good as possible for the two of you. A smile and reassurance goes a long way!
  3. Wear appropriate clothing and accessories. This is a big one. Whether you’re dancing with a beginner or an experienced Swing, Country or Salsa dancer, what you wear can have a definite impact on your dance experience. To start, the right shoes are essential. If you’re out Country dancing, boots are quite appropriate. If you’re at a Salsa club, throw on a pair of heels with a strap around the ankle. The right footwear will help you with balance, coordination and looking good too. 😉 Clothing-wise, a short loose skirt is OK, as long as you have running shorts underneath. (Let’s avoid a possible slip where you might expose yourself.) For Latin dancing, I do not recommend a tight skirt or dress, as you are going to restrict your range of motion and possibly be more focused on being uncomfortable than having fun. For accessories, I suggest earrings that do not dangle, or have the chance to get caught on anything. This could be a real disaster!

Social dancing is a true blast! Ladies, let go, enjoy being swept off of your feet and dress for success! The rest will fall into place, and your dance card will be full before you know it. If you’re a gal who wants social dance tips on how to be a great follower, take social dance lessons for beginners! Dance lessons are a wonderful way to stay healthy, learn a fun, new skill and gain confidence on the dance floor.

More Social Ballroom Dance Benefits…

Have you read our recent blog post, “Enjoy Life and Ballroom Dance“? Well the benefits that we shared with you about how becoming a great social dancer will enhance your life were just the beginning! Yes, dancing does add romance, relieve stress and, learning to dance Salsa, Country Swing or Argentine Tango definitely builds confidence! Believe it or not, there are even more benefits to explore when it comes to how your life can change by taking up this fun and exciting new hobby, overall known as ballroom dancing.

For those laymen out there, ballroom dancing is a term that describes partner dancing in general. It is an umbrella term to used to lump the main categories of partner dancing under a main heading. Dances under this broad category can range from Cha Cha to Foxtrot and Country Two Step to Tango. As long as you have a partner, or can learn to dance with one, you will enjoy the benefits of ballroom dancing. To expand upon what we have covered in our previous blog, here are three more benefits of learning to dance-as a single person or as part of a couple.

1. Dancing assists with balance and coordination. Ever feel gawky and uncoordinated? Everyone wants to feel and look naturally graceful or elegant, but this is not necessarily something that comes easily to all. With dance lessons, you can learn to move with ease. You can also work on how to use your core to guide you in any balance issues that you may have encountered. Ballroom dancing helps you to walk taller and use those muscles that will help you to become a more poised individual.

2. Social dancing is exciting! Forget about chilling on the couch and watching those pounds creep right up on you. Get your daily workout on the dance floor, skip the gym, and get fit without even knowing it in your Salsa or Swing dance lesson! Learn new ways to express yourself and see how much fun it is to dance.

3. Meet new friends through dance. Partner dancing is great because there are at least two of you doing it together! Find new friends through a healthy and rewarding hobby and make new contacts with people you may have never run across otherwise. What is wonderful about knowing how to social dance is that you can shine at those holiday parties and nights out on the town. Impress others by knowing a skill that everyone would love to have.

Try dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios and be that guy or gal that walks taller and has confidence wherever you go! We have an amazing Introductory Offer to get you started with the basics of learning to dance. From there, the fun is just beginning. Dance FX Studios is located in the East Valley of Phoenix in Mesa, AZ, near Tempe and Chandler, AZ.  Have as much fun as we do and learn to Salsa or Swing dance! You’ll be so glad you did!


New Ballroom Dance Classes Starting in October

Looking for a new activity or hobby? Preferably something that is fun to do, but also beneficial? Well, we have just the right idea for you- ballroom dance classes! Learning to dance is so enjoyable and the benefits are boundless. When you’re on the dance floor you can just let go of all the stress and concerns that build up every day and just enjoy yourself. It’s a great way to get in shape, build confidence, increase your energy, and feel good about yourself. If something can offer you such a positive experience, isn’t it worth checking out?

At Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, AZ, part of the Phoenix East Valley area, we can help you to learn to ballroom dance, whether it’s the passionate Argentine tango, a spicy Latin dance like the Salsa, a lively Swing, or the ever-popular Country Two Step. For over 12 years, Dance FX Studios has taught thousands of Phoenix residents to become secure and accomplished dancers, while having a wonderful time in the process! Not to mention that learning to dance is a skill you will have for the rest of your life for any occasion. So, no matter what the event, gone will be the days when you sit on the sidelines watching everyone else having a good time!

We are so excited to announce that beginning in October, Dance FX Studios is offering NEW ballroom dance group classes! This is a great opportunity to try out a variety of dances, especially if you’re not sure which one you would like to learn or if you want to try several of them. These are drop-in classes will be available Monday-Thursday evenings throughout the month. This way, you can take individual classes that work around your schedule, since there is no monthly commitment and each one is only $7 per person for each class. Wow- such a deal!

Group dance classes at Dance FX Studios are multiple for beginners, intermediate or advanced dancers who want to have fun learning to ballroom dance. Classes include the Salsa, Bachata, Country Swing, Country 2-step, and Jitterbug Swing. With our LIMITED TIME offer of 5 classes for $25 (one per person), our group dance classes for adults are easy and exciting introduction into learning to dance! You can stick to one type throughout the month, or mix it up with your own variety of classes. In addition to learning various new dances, it’s also an excellent way to socialize and meet new people. If you would like to ensure you have a partner, bring them along, it’s a terrific chance to spend some time together having fun and getting closer.

We will be kicking off Dance FX Studios’ Fall Group Dance Classes on Monday, September 30th, from 7:00-7:45 pm with “Slammin’ Salsa 1”. In this fiery class you will learn to really shake it up out on the dance floor. On Tuesday, October 1st, will be our “Kool Kats Swing 1”, from 6:00-6:45 pm. For those of you who love Jitterbug style dancing, this is perfect for you! Immediately after this, from 7:00-7:45 is “A Lotta Bachata 1”. This spicy dance is a must for those of you who are looking to really add some zest to your Latin dancing! On Wednesday, October 2nd, we offer “Round ‘Em Up 1”, from 7:00-7:45 pm, our Country 2-Step – a favorite here in Arizona. And last, but certainly not least, on Thursday, is “Swing Your Partner 1”, which is a Country Swing class, from 7:00-7:45 pm- also popular and quite versatile.

Each week we’ll offer another level for each class, as well as repeating some of the other levels, for those who may not be able to make one of them the first time it’s offered. Each dance class is designed not just for learning each dance, but also to laugh and enjoy! So, why wait to get started? Check out Dance FX Studios group class calendar on our website for the entire month’s schedule to see which classes, days, and times work best for you and come on over to the studio to start dancing!

Two Stepping With Style!

Phoenix Country Western Two Step DancingYou’ve heard of two step dancing, and you have decided to take a stab at it, since there are many popular places to two step in the area. Wait a minute—there’s more than one type of two step dancing?! Dance FX offers country two step AND nite club two step! How do you know which one to try first? Why are they both different dances with the same name?
Never fear, although both styles of two step are different, they have many similarities, which means they are both labeled as the same style of dance. But we can give you an idea of the differences so you know exactly which style you’re ready to jump in to!
The broad term “two step” merely defines the construction of steps for the basic. These steps are slow and quick according to how many beats of music they use to execute.The combination of ‘slows’ and ‘quicks’ can vary according to which form of two step you’re doing.
Nite Club Two is a slow, quick, quick timing (S,Q,Q) which has a slightly more bolero dance-style-feeling to it and is less likely to be played to country music. Instead, this more romantic version is typically danced to slower music, which carries more passion through the dance moves. Also known as Disco Two Step or California Two Step (if it wasn’t hard enough with only TWO names!) this two step version works along a horizontal line during the basic step.
The country two step, on the other hand, uses a quick, quick, slow, slow (QQSS) count. This is also seen as the more upbeat, lively version of two step. Country two step can be danced to country music, but is not limited to the music genre. The country two step travels more vertically than the nite club two step, and the country version progresses counterclockwise along the dance floor.
So now you can confidently prepare for your two-stepping excursions! You can learn the style that you are most drawn to, and step out on the right foot!