How to Get Him to Ask You For Another Dance

Country dance classes Mesa AZLadies, we love to dance, don’t we? Well, most of us do! Wouldn’t it be awesome to go out social dancing with the girls and find incredible guys to dance with everywhere we turn? Of course it would. In reality, though, guys have a ton of responsibility on the dance floor. What that means for us is that there are less great male dancers out there than we would like because of the actual work it takes to be a great leader on the dance floor. That doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, though. Or that they’re not works in progress. 🙂 Let’s give our men a break, girls. Here are a few tips from me to you to get him to ask you for another dance every time.

  1. Don’t lead yourself. This is a tough one for us ladies, right? We so want to “help” our leading man with his part. Believe it or not, though, this is actually one of the most detrimental things that we can do for him. It strips of him his “power”, not to mention his manhood. On the dance floor, the guy is called the leader for a reason. There is one leader and one follower, not two leaders, girls. So, even though he may be a beginner with limited knowledge, please respect his level of dance and don’t lead yourself, or try to teach him what to do. This will just fluster him, and strip him of his confidence. When you accept a Salsa or a Two Step dance, I recommend smiling and being gracious. Who knows, maybe a few months down the road with more Private Dance Lessons under his belt, he may become an incredible leader that you will be hoping asks you to dance again.
  2. Show interest in your partner. To follow up on my previous point, let your partner know that he’s doing a great job by making him look good. Don’t over dance or show off if he’s not ready for advanced styling, simply enjoy what he can offer on that night. Interestingly, and this happens often, we as ladies think that HE is the problem on the dance floor, and we tend to discount him before even giving him a chance. This may come to a shock, but WE could be part of the reason why the dance isn’t so great. So, again, be appreciative of the offer to dance, and focus on what you can do to make the experience as good as possible for the two of you. A smile and reassurance goes a long way!
  3. Wear appropriate clothing and accessories. This is a big one. Whether you’re dancing with a beginner or an experienced Swing, Country or Salsa dancer, what you wear can have a definite impact on your dance experience. To start, the right shoes are essential. If you’re out Country dancing, boots are quite appropriate. If you’re at a Salsa club, throw on a pair of heels with a strap around the ankle. The right footwear will help you with balance, coordination and looking good too. 😉 Clothing-wise, a short loose skirt is OK, as long as you have running shorts underneath. (Let’s avoid a possible slip where you might expose yourself.) For Latin dancing, I do not recommend a tight skirt or dress, as you are going to restrict your range of motion and possibly be more focused on being uncomfortable than having fun. For accessories, I suggest earrings that do not dangle, or have the chance to get caught on anything. This could be a real disaster!

Social dancing is a true blast! Ladies, let go, enjoy being swept off of your feet and dress for success! The rest will fall into place, and your dance card will be full before you know it. If you’re a gal who wants social dance tips on how to be a great follower, take social dance lessons for beginners! Dance lessons are a wonderful way to stay healthy, learn a fun, new skill and gain confidence on the dance floor.