How to Overcome Your Fears of Social Dancing

Country dance classes in Mesa ArizonaIt can be scary to go out Country dancing or Salsa dancing for the first time. Intimidating, even. “I mean, with so many people on the dance floor doing so many cool-looking moves, who am I to step on anyone’s toes and insert myself  into the equation?”, you may be thinking. My initial reply to your inner dialog is, every one of those dancers had a first day out on the floor, just like you. They took that brave first step, and the rest is history. So my friends, I challenge you to get on that dance floor and to overcome these three common thoughts that will weigh you down, hold you back and inevitably ruin your well-deserved good time on that dance floor. Does this sound like you?

  1. Everyone’s watching me! Pssst! No, they’re really not. Unless you’re the best dancer out there, you can usually blend in on any social dance floor pretty easily. Generally, the best dancers are the ones that are looking to show off a bit here or there, and they are grabbing the attention of onlookers, not you. So, if you’re a beginner dancer, fear not that all eyes are on you. Focus instead on staying on time with the music, and enjoying time with whomever you’re dancing with, and your confidence will improve in no time.
  2. But I don’t know anyone! Well silly, you can only get to know other dancers, or make new friends, if you put a little effort into it. Social dancing is a wonderful way to meet others, with similar interests, in a healthy and non-threatening way. Just ask for a dance and see where things go from there. And, what’s more, if you invest in Private Dance Lessons, your dancing skills will take you a lot further in terms of getting multiple dances with someone. Who knows, you may even build a reputation for being a great leader or follower, which will surely attract even better dancers to you. Before you know it, you will begin seeing the same faces each time you go dancing, which really helps in fostering new friendships.
  3. Everyone around me is so much better than I am! At first, this may seem to be true. As an instructor, I hear this all the time from our beginner Country dancers. They “think” that everyone in the Country bars doing the flips and tricks are great dancers. Not the case. In fact, the best Country dancers are those who are mindful of others and who respect the space or other dancers who want to have fun too. Remember guys, less can be so much more. Stick to what you know and as your confidence grows, you too will be in the spotlight.

If you have told yourself any of the above, keep in mind my favorite saying “thoughts are things”. It may not be that easy to take that first step, but if you don’t, know that you could be missing out on new friendships, a major confidence boost and a hobby that can bring you years of happiness…dance!

To begin your dancing journey, contact your local dance studio and check out their Introductory Offer. Social dancing may be just what you’ve been missing in your life.