Discover What’s Harder Than Learning to Two Step

Couple Country dancing in Chandler ArizonaGuys, you want to know what’s harder than learning to dance the Two Step? In my opinion, it’s having to re-learn it! As a self-taught Two Stepper, you feel on top of the world when you’re at your favorite Country bar. You can spin and twist those gals with the best of them. But for some reason,  she never accepts a second dance. She seemed to be smiling and enjoying her time with you, so why is she making excuses for having to go? Well, the harsh reality is that you may have some bad habits that is making her time with you on the dance floor less than stellar.

What are you missing? It’s time to take a look within. Let’s explore some key concepts that every good dancer understands…

  1. The language of dance. Did you know that dancing is a language within itself? Yes, with what I call the ABC’s of dance, which help you to understand how to effectively communicate to your partner what you’d like her to do, you can actually “speak” the language of dance and show almost anyone a fun time Two Stepping, Salsa dancing, or whatever partner dance style you prefer. Once you understand the basic elements of Country dancing, or Latin dancing, you must learn how to put them together and be taught how to create cool combinations that you can lead with confidence. For a man on the dance floor, that means understanding how to lead is imperative. Rather than simply memorizing steps that you may have seen others do at the Country bars, knowing how to lead is crucial to getting a second dance with that cute girl. You can’t get this information if you’re self-taught, but by investing in Private Country Dance Lessons at your local dance studio, you will soon be empowered to make every dance a successful one.
  2. Posture, frame and connection. As the main component of your investment in Country Dance Lessons, you will also discover the best parts of partner dancing; nice posture, a solid dance frame and how to have a connection with anyone. I say these are the best parts because without them, you would not be a great social dancer. You simply can’t be an awesome dancer without the understanding of how important it is to stand up straight, hold your partner properly and make sure that she understands what you want her to follow. When you have those tools in your belt, you will be well on your way to earning a second dance with her.

They say old habits die hard, which is why I think that learning to Country dance the right way after trying to teach yourself may not be the best plan for you. If you’re interested in becoming a confident social dancer, start with healthy habits and you’ll have the ladies lining up for multiple dances before long. Yes, Private Dance Lessons are an expense, and you can’t learn to dance over night, but you will get a solid foundation (and more) to have and use for many years to come. Then, any moves that you pick up at the bars will be applied properly because you have the knowledge on how to add them to your dance repertoire. Doesn’t that sound like a more effective and efficient route? I would say so. 🙂 So, give your closest social dance studio a call and begin your journey towards becoming an amazing Country dancer today.